Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Colts Without Manning Sends Fans Into A Panic

When the local TV stations began scrolling across the screen news that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning had undergone knee surgery and would be forced to miss at least most of the pre-season leading up to last night's late night news, you were reminded of just how closely the Colts' recent successes have been tied to Manning's arrival ten years ago. According to the Star's Mike Chappell, Manning "started all 160 regular-season games during his 10-year career, the longest streak among active quarterbacks."

Manning's knee problems stem from his days playing college football at Tennessee. Chappell notes that he suffered a ruptured bursa sac in his right knee near the end of his senior year. Yesterday's surgery was to treat a problem with the bursa sac on his left knee, which his doctors have been treating since February. Sufferers of this problem are more prone to flare ups and can develop arthritis.

Anyone who follows the Colts knows the fans are very fickle. Nothing would drain enthusiasm from the teams' fan base more than a team without Manning. You could see the panicked reaction among the fans who were interviewed by local TV stations last night. WTHR had already planned to roll out an interview with Manning it had in the can, but news of his surgery overshadowed everything.


Dan Tierney said...

What? Colts fans are not satisfied with the indomitable Jim Sorgi as heir to the throne?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Who, Dan? LOL.

Sir Hailstone said...

Just like the Green Bay Packers in the post-Favre (maybe?) era... will this be a taste of the post-Peyton Manning era in Indianapolis Colts football?

Recall the Boston Celtics after Larry Bird, Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish or the Chicago Bulls after Michael Jordan etc. - it's all in a cycle.

SW Lane said...

Those of us Chicago Bear fans who bleed Navy Blue, Orange and White WANT Manning to start the first game of the tax-paid boondoggle stadium that leaks like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

That way, the victory will be that much sweeter. Jim Sorgi who?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

One Billion Dollars for Jim Irsay's new playhouse. Ninty-nine million dollars for Manning's contract.

Nah-h-h-h-h...don' worry 'bout it!

guido said...

1.5 million and i can still get the taxpayers some gutters for the Lucas Leaky Stadium