Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ed Treacy: Return Of The Living Dead?

Marion County GOP Chairman Tom John reacts to the election of Ed Treacy by the Marion County Democrats as their new county chairman in a press release this evening:

"We have further evidence of the tired disarray in the Marion County Democrat Party. Tonight, in their own version of Night of the Living Dead, the Democrats chose to exhume former chairman Ed Treacy from the political graveyard. Rather than come up with fresh people or ideas, Treacy's return serves as further proof that Democrats have nothing new to offer Marion County."


Jon Easter said...

Well, Tom John. Who knew you had that in you? Ed spent about five minutes doling out thank yous before turning his attention to the "Accidental Mayor" Greg Ballard. In his acceptance speech, he landed blow after blow upon Mr. Ballard.

Ed was cleaning up Monroe County when John was in diapers, so I hope Mr. John knows the pool he's swimming in.

Plus, on a night when there was light rain and no battle, I think we were close to a quorum. I'd estimate very close. Not sure on numbers and a quorum wasn't necessary due to no challenge to Ed Treacy's candidacy, but the Union Hall was standing room only with very few empty seats.

artfuggins said...

This is so tasteless and low class even for Tom John .

straight up said...

I'd expect for Tom John or any party chair to fire off a verbal broadside like this, but really...

The Marion Co GOP is still in a fledgling state, both the Mayors office and the Council.Neither office has really been challenged thus far in the stewardship of our great county. Brizzi has shown a level of incompetance that boggles the mind as to his having been re-elected, except that the alternative, Kennedy, was unpalatable.

Remember, in February of '07 the GOP here was DOA for the most part. Now that the public has bestowed its trust upon the GOP (trust of which John had zero effect in creating) if I were him, I'd hold off on too many pithy remarks. This guy has his own skeletons in the closet, and frankly, I really hope that township chairs and ward chairs and p/c's are looking for a replacement for John in 2009-someone who will actually champion the quality candidates that have the courage to come forth, put their reputations on the line, as well as the enormous time and money it takes to wage a sucessful campaign. I didnt see Tom John help ANY of those candidates in '07 except for maybe a single at large councilman. As I was told by our chair "not to throw good money after bad" in supporting Ballard, well...yes, our GOP chair "leader" needs to go.

guy77money said...

A tired old dinosaur! Trust me the democratic machine is like the mafia old and still dangerous! :)

Unknown said...

Tom John's comment is in really bad taste. He should have just congratulated Treacy, handling the matter with class and respect. Instead he used the opportunity to take a cheap shot. It really causes people, including the press, to have less respect for him and hurts in the long run.

Sir Hailstone said...

Flynn - I wouldn't go so far as to "congratulate" Ed Treacy. That coming from your "opponent" would seem disingenuous, almost to a point of extreme sarcasm.

Unknown said...

Sir Hailstone,

Politicians "congralate" their opponents on victories all the time. It's seen as a decent, noble and honorable thing to do.

indyernie said...

Ed Treacy reminds me of the Big Bad Wolf in the Three little Pigs story.

He's a big blow hard full of hot air who huffs and puffs but nothing happens.
If John gives it like he gets it the Republicans will be OK.
Tom's an aggressive guy I think he can go nose to nose with the old man and come out victorious.
Nothing to worry about here except Old Ed working himself into a heart attack...that is if he has one.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Politicians "congralate" their opponents on victories all the time. It's seen as a decent, noble and honorable thing to do."

If it were a head-to-head competition sure. However chairmanships are not "head to head" it's more adversarial.

Unknown said...

No, Indyernie, Tom John is someone who says thing that really undermine his credibility. For example, he demanded that a Democrat member of the city county council resign because she was charged with a misdemeanor. Just months earlier he was supporting as a superior court judge a Republicans a candidate who killed someoen while drunk driving. He also stood by another Republican Senator accused of a hit and run.

When you take hypocritcal stands like that you lose credibility with the public. Tom John has no credibility because he's just seen as a shrill partisan.

Jon Easter said...

Come on Ernie. Ed Treacy is the Republicans' worst nightmare. He's a true chairman with the constitution and heart to be chair. He will concede nothing publicly, politically, or privately to Tom John. If John wants to keep sending waves at Ed, he'll see them get turned right back around at him. In fact, John might want to resign now so that he can preserve any legacy he might have (thank you property tax crisis). The Democratic tide is coming, and Ed Treacy's on the lead surfboard.

Unknown said...

Sir Hailstone, No, it doesn't have to be "adversarial." You don't think Lugar congratulates Bayh when he wins and vice versa? They're not running against each other. I defy you to find any other case where a county chairman put out a press release like that about his counterpart. What Tom John did was totally inappropriate.

Sir Hailstone said...

"What Tom John did was totally inappropriate."

I never said it appropriate.

I just countered your contention they should fawn over each other in congratulations.

indyernie said...

I applaud Tom John for supporting the judge. The Judge is an honorable man who made a mistake early in life and years ago he took the steps to change and earn the right to serve.
Who are you to throw rocks? Everyone has made mistakes some are tragic, others are overlooked but we all are guilty of something at some time in our lives.
If you think Gray, McNeal and Bateman should be forgiven, I agree. But they shouldn't hold public office and the forgiveness should happen only after admittance of the truth.

Old Eddie slammed Doris Ann publicly and touted Beth White as the Messiah the one who would save Indy by controlling the clerks office and elections. What a joke, right out of the chute and in every election since White has failed miserably.

Tom John can handle Old Eddie that I'm sure of.

Unknown said...


You missed the point. What I was saying was that Tom John is INCONSISTENT and a HYPOCRITE when he supports the to be judge who killed someone while driving drunk and defends the state senator for a hit and run, while at the same time calling for a Democrat council member to resign based on a misdemeanor accusation.

Let me ask you this, if the Judge and the State Senator were Democrats, do you think Tom John's position would have been the same? Absolutely not. Tom John would be doing press releaes denouncing them. See that is the point. It's hypocrisy. It undermines Tom John's credibility.

FYI, while Beth White has not been a great clerk, she's still substantially better than Doris Anne Sadler, who screwed up everything she touched in four years. We Republicans were foolish for nominating her. There had to be better choices.