Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Is Abdul-Hakim Shabazz So Interested In Rev. Charles Harrison's Independent Mayoral Campaign?

There is probably no other local figure more despised in Indianapolis' African-American community than radio talk show host Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. People are still scratching their heads as to why Emmis Communications' WIBC-FM provides air time to the ethically-challenged political commentator booted from his former morning talk show gig at WXNT-AM, who once anonymously authored and published the controversial IndyUndercover blog and lied about it. We are well past the point where people know his political views are entirely driven by whoever is paying for his words, which consists primarily of people within the corrupt local Marion Co. Republican Party.

Shabazz stepped aside briefly from his agitator role as of late promoting Bill Levin's First Church of Cannabis to propagate some real whoppers this week regarding news that an out-of-state firm with ties to the Republican Party had been paid to procure enough signatures to place Rev. Charles Harrison on Indianapolis' municipal ballot this year as an independent mayoral candidate. Shabazz' musings were as incredulous as Rev. Harrison's claim that he has no idea who was behind the petition drive to place his name on the ballot and create a website,, to promote his candidacy.

Shabazz would have his readers believe that local Democrats commissioned a poll in the mayoral race that shows their party's mayoral candidate, Joe Hogsett, with only a single-digit lead over the relatively unknown minister of the Barnes United Methodist Church, a small black church on the city's north side. Shabazz, of course, had no specific numbers to report, just pure "gossip, rumor and innuendo" as he describes his own musings. Shabazz, who supports the election of Republican Chuck Brewer for mayor, made no mention of Brewer's showing in the poll. Are we to conclude that Brewer actually polled below Harrison in this supposed poll?

To the extent Harrison is known by Indianapolis voters, it is as the titular leader of the Ten Point Coalition. You may recall that one of the Ten Point's employees, Byron Alston, was charged with income tax evasion and perjury charges last year. When local law enforcement officials raided Alston's home earlier last year, Rev. Harrison accused them of engaging in a political witch hunt led by the Democratic-controlled prosecutor's office because of the group's support of Mayor Ballard's re-election campaign. Alston's case, incidentally, is scheduled to go to trial next week. Harrison's comments were intriguing given that his nonprofit organization could not legally endorse and provide political support to any political candidate.

The second big whopper Shabazz reported was a claim that Democratic leaders have approached United Methodist Church officials in an effort to get Rev. Harrison fired from his job as minister of the Barnes United Methodist Church. Hogsett is a member of the Roberts Park United Methodist Church downtown and was implicitly linked to those efforts. Shabazz would have people believe Hogsett and Democrats are in full panic mode at the prospect of a Rev. Harrison candidacy. And if you believe this meme, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


Anonymous said...

Abdul has probably finally run out of excuses for his pal Ballard and had to find something else to occupy his time.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden we have Katz, Chicks, and the fake black guy all singing from the same song book. Strikes me as a bit queer but I suspect the same source is paying each of them to spout. Dumping Garrison, dumping Rush, just seems too slick. Of course, I could be wrong....chance one takes when observing anomalies that appear to be analogous.

MikeC said...

According to the Marion County Election Board website, a Charles R. Harrison has filed to be on the ballot for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the time I was at BT where a leadership conference was hosted. Why the hell that panel considered Abudl The Fool a leader is something my table of ten will never figure out. "Leaders" visited the various tables in round robin fashion to share their "wisdom". Abdul proved to my table he did not have the brains God gave a ferret. My table sat in stunned silence as Abdul told us his first passion is to be a comedian- what he came off as was a damned idiot... seriously, he spouted such nonsense the table participants couldn't even address his lunacy. It was so painful to watch and to see that Abdul was totally clueless how utterly disinterested we were in anything he had to say.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Harris is on the ballot, I will vote for him. However, based on the alternatives, I would probably also vote for a yellow dog.