Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIBC Talk Radio Show Host Still Reaching For The Bottom

Who can forget this tweet from the past:

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz@AttyAbdul 20h Guys came by & offered to shovel snow for $20. English wasn't their 1st language. I offered $10 and promise not to call INS. America rocks!


Anonymous said...

Abdul The Fool spews more ignorance and racist tripe. Had anyone else uttered such profiling racist filth would they yet be employed? About anything emanating from the mouth of this clown is a form of intellectual pornography. Donald Trump speaks the truth and is eviscerated. Abdul the Fool spouts idiocy like this and has a job at WIBC. No wonder I long ago left that station; I thought the law breaking Greg Garrison was one of the very worst until Abdul was hired onto that drifting shipwreck of a radio station.

Anonymous said...

It was a joke, the problem with society these days, political correctness is overwhelming at every turn, lots of good comedy is not allowed anymore due to this stupid correctness. Man do I mess pollock jokes!

Anonymous said...

Were they Alaskan "Pollock" jokes?

Anonymous said...

I long agreed that the extremist left of center liberals maintain a "PC Police" mentality which actually serves to extinguish our First Amendment Free Speech rights; PC Police attitudes shut down conversations and ideals liberals refuse to consider. I am one of the first to concur that left liberal PC attitudes kill comedy... I miss George Carlin's biting humor about east coast establishment types and environmental liberal phonies more than I can convey.

When you hit up YouTube for those Dean Martin Roasts often featuring the fabled "Rat Pack", for example, the humor, some of it about the races, is so funny and without malice you can't help but roar in good hearty laughter.

Does Abdul have a "right" to speak the ignorance quoted in this blog entry? Absolutely. Is Abdul an ignorant clown, most often politically hypocritical without a clue as to how offensive he is? Absolutely. Does Abdul have the "right" to prove his solid stupidity every time his lips part? Absolutely. Hey, if Emmis Broadcasting wants to pay good money for bad- as in Abdul and the law breaking hypocrite attorney Greg Garrison- that's something for Emmis owner Jeff Smulyan and his stockholders to be proud about.

Anonymous said...

It's whether, Atty.