Sunday, July 05, 2015

Star Has A Peculiar Watchdog Report On Westfield Developer

When I read the headline of an Indianapolis Star story by Chris Sikich, "Hamilton County developer works for the city--and himself," I thought it would be a rare, hard-hitting investigative report by the newspaper. After taking the time to read the lengthy story about real estate developer and attorney Steve Henke's work for the City of Westfield under a $675,000 contract for work on the city's Grand Park project while simultaneously working on his adjacent Chatham Hills residential development and other land owners, I was left wondering, "Where's the beef?" Henke is probably so pleased with the story, he will likely have it framed to hang on his wall. Developer Paul Estridge is probably scratching his head wondering why he even bothered to complain to the newspaper about what he perceived as a troubling aspect of Henke's self-dealing.

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John Accetturo said...

Chris was a good investigative reporter years ago. He has gone soft like the rest of the Star reporters. The article was mush. He wrote that Henke was a nice guy several times. The article made Henke look good rather than unethical or corrupt. Today no one seems to car what goes on in corrupt government. Believe me we have a lot of it in Hamilton County & Indiana.