Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Adam Livvix Extradited Back To US Rather Than Face Terrorism Charges In Israel

Adam Everett Livvix
So much for Israel's trumped up terrorism charges against Adam Livvix, the Marshall, Illinois man and brother-in-law of Tony George who was arrested in Israel late last year on charges of allegedly plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. Crawford County Sheriff Bill Rutan tells WTHI-TV in Terre Haute that Israeli authorities have allowed Livvix to be extradited back to Robinson, Illinois where he faces outstanding charges. Livvix also has a variety of outstanding charges pending against him in several other Illinois and Indiana counties. He faces theft charges here in Morgan County and probation violations in Hamilton County regarding a prior felony drug possession charge there. Sheriff Rutan says two of his deputies flew to Israel to pick up Livvix yesterday and were expected to return with him this morning.

Intelligence officials were likely caught off guard by skeptics like me back in the states who saw these charges in Israel for the false flag event they were. Anyone familiar with Livvix, who is your garden variety two-bit criminal and con artist, would instantly scoff at the idea he would be motivated by religious zealotry to travel to Israel in order to commit acts of terrorism. Awhile back, I was contacted by a reporter from LA Weekly seeking information on Livvix. I asked him why a reporter in Los Angeles was interested in Livvix. To my surprise, he told me the supposed Israeli soldier with whom Livvix was sharing an apartment and from whom he acquired the weapons he supposedly intended to use to blow up Muslim holy sites was from Los Angeles. Livvix was reportedly passing himself off in Israel as a former Navy SEAL. Perhaps Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel or his Hollywood agent extraordinaire brother, Ari Emanuel, could enlighten us on the pairing of this odd couple in Israel.


Anonymous said...

He’s a Texas Christian fundamentalist. Dumb as a rock. Big, stupid mouth. Lived several years around the West Bank. Some Palestinian tried to get him to assassinate Obama when he went to Israel, but Livixx wouldn’t do it. Wanted to blow up Muslim holy sites to start an apocalyptic war. But I don’t think he was smart enough to be a spy or cia tool. He’d mouth off and tell people he was a navy seal, even though he’s fat. And he got picked up because he was trying to buy dangerous explosives off his roommate, an Israeli military guy. If this guy is the best we can come up with for a false flag operative we’re in big trouble.

Gary R. Welsh said...

"A Texas Christian fundamentalist?" Please. He never lived in Texas long enough to be considered a Texan.

Unknown said...

He never lived in Texas. He never was charged with terrorism. His charges that he had, were dropped. Shows how much the media knows.