Friday, July 10, 2015

Bill And George Hoop It Up Like Best Buddies

For the mainstream media, a common joint appearance by a Bush and a Clinton like this one in Dallas yesterday between former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush is a testament to a time-honored tradition of bipartisanship. To me, it's just a reminder of the fact that free elections no longer exist in America where dynastic rule has replaced democratic processes of governance. The 2016 presidential election is over before it began. Nobody can compete against the money and power in our political system that is rigged to ensure voters will have to choose between another Bush and another Clinton in the presidential race, two of the most evil and corrupt ruling families in American political history.


Flogger said...

Oh Gary I have one for you. This article simply proves the sheer callous disregard and profound indifference of George W. Bush. From the Guardian -

GWB and his NEO-CONs started Gulf War 2, which led to thousands of American Deaths, and tens of thousands of American wounded. We should add in the millions of Arab Casualties - dead, wounded, missing and refugees.

So GWB starts a War the Wall Street-Security-Military Industrial Complex cashes in and now GWB cashes a check for $100K and his wife collects $75K. Mission accomplished right George. GWB is beneath contempt.

If GWB had any feelings at all about wounded Veterans he would go before Congress and plead the case for more funding for the V.A. As a Vietnam War Combat Veteran (Draftee Type) wounded Veterans should NOT have to depend on Charity!!!

Not so oddly enough our McMega-Media on this side of the Atlantic has been virtually silent on this on this. You would think such behavior on GWB's part would spark a huge outrage, but no it's business as usual: Convince some with false Patriotism to enlist and fight in a War, and then betray them.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The speaking fee thing is peanuts. I believe you cannot approximate the size of the wealth in this world controlled by the Bush family, particularly when you consider the control they exercise over the Saudi, Kuwaiti and other Middle East countries run by CIA stooges, in addition to their international arms dealing and drug cartails. They sit atop an evil shadow world government that is responsible for the killing of more human beings than any other man or government in the history of this planet. They are the amiable dunces these hidden powers trot out to get us to chant "USA, USA, USA" while they watch and laugh at how easy we are to manipulate and enslave.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you are completely correct (again) on the corrupt Bush AND Clinton Families. That we are being served the imbecillic Jeb Bush on a platinum platter nauseates me to the extreme. The Bushes are nothing more than liberal Democrats who call themselves "Republicans". Thanks to GWB, we have that damned fool John Roberts saving Obamacare for a third time. And the Clintons.. hoo boy what a trio of parasites on the American taxpayer! No other crook, uh, "president", placed the White House and the US Government for sale as have Bill (and Hillary) Clinton. Just one example: it is because of the secrets Bill Clinton allowed to be sold to the Chinese that the Chinese are now in space... huge speaking fees are payoffs from transnational corporatists for the favors the Clintons do through their money laundering entripise known as the Clinton Family Foundation/The Clinton Initiative.

Chelsea Clinton demanded Chelsea Clinton demanded $65,000 for a 10-minute speech at the U of Missouri KC after staff refuse to pay her mother's $275,000 fee.

There are no free elections in America nationally as there are none here in Indianapolis and at the State level. We live in a socialist soft tyrannical police state where wealth and status bring different levels of "rights" and "protection".

Flogger said...

The McMega-Media reminds me of the High School Cafeteria they are desperate to be invited to sit at the popular table with Hillary. They can briefly sit with Queen Hillary if they can write some fawning article about article about her.
President Hillbilly Clinton and GWB have done a rather thorough job of destroying the country. I think we can be certain Obama will hit the speaking tour after he is out of office. A lot of Wall Street firms will be happy to front some big bucks for his speaking engagements as a thank you for Too big to Fail, Too Big to Jail.

The Star tries it's best to divert attention with article after article on the Church of Marijuana.

Anonymous said...

"Hoop it up"? What is this - basketball?