Wednesday, July 08, 2015

IMPD Detective Blew Off Subpoena In Richmond Hills Case To Go On Vacation

Prosecutors and defense attorneys often struggle to get witnesses to testify in cases, but that reluctant witness is not typically a police officer. WRTV is reporting that IMPD Detective Aaron Carter ignored a subpoena issued to him by defense attorneys in the Richmond Hills case in order to take an extended, month-long vacation in an RV to Wyoming. Prosecutors had originally planned to call Detective Carter but said they decided against it. Defense attorneys just learned why the detective wasn't available to testify. The trial court judge was not amused.
"Someone needs to get a hold of Det. Carter and tell him, as far as I'm concerned, a subpoena is not an invitation and he needs to get his RV to an airport and get back here, or I'll do what I have to do," Judge John Marnocha said. "You can tell him you apologized and you tried, but the judge said so." 
Marnocha said he would issue a bench warrant for Carter if necessary, which would mean law enforcement officers would be dispatched to bring him to court to testify.
UPDATE: Detective Carter has apparently decided to return to Indiana so he can testify tomorrow. Good decision.


Anonymous said...

The defense sent it? -I'd blow it off myself!

Let them pay for their own expert!

Anonymous said...

I saw Judge Marnocha standing outside the CourtHouse one day this week
enjoying the sunshine and he looked relaxed even though a Channel 59
reporter was hanging around him.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The defense attorney is a public defender.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45 - Thank you for reinforcing yet again everything I believe about Indiana and Hoosiers which can be summarized as follows.

1. Comply.
2. Drink
3. Pass Out.
4. Self loathe.
5. Repeat.

Do yourself a favor. Google NatGas explosions. Watch a few YouTubes. If you find one that creates the sort of damage that even REMOTELY comes close to RH, post a link. I'd love to see it. You won't, of course, because you keep popping the blue pill. It's an Indiana thing, I know. Counting the days until I'm teleported back to the real world.

Anonymous said...

This particular IMPD detective's selfish behavior and apparently "I'm too important to do my duty" attitude- which I happen to believe is more pervasive than we are willing to admit in many "police officials" toward the very laws they are supposed to uphold is eye-popping disgusting and a huge reason why a growing number have less and less regard for "law and order".

But why should they- in this case IMPD members- when they have role models like corrupt politically connected attorneys and politicians ("D" and "R") who engineer political pawns into place willing to be bought and used repeatedly), mayors who blatantly and continually violate the laws (Vision Fleet) yet remain unscathed by Grand Jury action, and arrogant City Council presidents totally asleep at the wheel and clueless about the real world they enjoy ruling over?

Anonymous said...

6:20 poster...

The movie Tombstone said it best....... Well....BYEEEEEEE

Anonymous said...

"Let them pay for their own expert!"

They did. Who do you think pays the pig?

Indy Rob said...

Huh, a guy blows up his house, the prosecutor puts a police detective on a witness list, but then decides not to call hime. The defense wanted to call him but did not list him in advance, and the police detective has the nerve to go on vacation instead of waiting around for this case to come to trial.

This is not an example of a corrupt police department, just a lot of normal human behaviour. No big deal, get the detective back to testify.

Indy Rob said...

anonymous 9:17, calling names is not respectful.

Mike said...

Dont comply with court order, get free flight home.

Anonymous said...

9:17, it is NOT the public defender who pays for an expert police officer to attend trial. If the prosecutor stated they were not using his testimony, then I wonder if the PD (at OUR expense) even served the officer with a subpoena. If so, why, if he is not a witness for the prosecution????

Just dirty games at TAXPAYER expense created by a worthless Public Defender. This gives rise to consider if the Public Defender should even exist.....why not force defendants to defend themselves? Why should The People have to pay to defend the criminals?