Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Top Aides At State Used Private E-Mail Account As Well

Clinton with Huma Abedin
The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes and others are reporting that Hillary Clinton's top aides at the State Department also shared private e-mail accounts using the computer server she set up at her personal residence. That blows a major hole in Clinton's argument that her e-mails were officially preserved because other State Department officials with whom she communicated used government e-mail accounts.

Aides identified include her long-time executive assistant, Huma Abedin, the wife of the disgraced former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner of Sydney Leathers sexting fame, and Cheryl Mills, her chief of staff at the State Department. The Gawker also separately reports that Phillipe Raines, Clinton's top communications strategist at State, also had one of the e-mail addresses.

Clinton was already caught in a lie when she claimed at a press conference yesterday that among the 30,000 e-mails she did not turn over to the State Department were personal e-mails she exchanged with family members, including former President Bill Clinton. whose top aides say he has only sent two e-mails his entire life, both of which occurred while he was still president.

Clinton's problems were compounded after the AP filed suit today to force the State Department to turn over e-mails Clinton exchanged with State Department officials during her tenure, along with other government documents accumulated during her tenure as Secretary of State. The AP had requested the documents before it was made known that Clinton had exclusively used a private e-mail account hosted on an e-mail server in her home. Clinton only recently turned over about 50,000 pages of e-mails she sent from that private e-mail account after deleting e-mails she claimed were of a private nature.


Anonymous said...

When, when, when can America finally be done with the political parasites known as Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton?!? Good grief, the left liberal loons are out trying to defend this old hag who proves by her own words she is a liar, a phony, a hypocrite, and a vindictive hag who will stop at nothing in her global pub crawl to amass more power and more money from every corrupt human rights abusing regime on the planet.

Hillary Clinton is the war on women. She uses gays and lesbians, Blacks, women and "sexual health" to her personal ends but does NOTHING... NOTHING about any of the issues and the groups she alleges she cares so much about.... what sheer lunacy this woman is... and the left liberal Americans fall for it hook line and sinker.

I wish I were the one who the appropriately frames the Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton as "the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics."

This woman convicts herself with every word she utters... especially in the case of the server in her home and her email scheme to avoid the disinfectant of the light of day.

Flogger said...

Reminds me of the Watergate Era. Nixon fought tooth and nail to avoid turning over the tapes, and instead had a pile of books on his desk during an address to nation on April 29, 1974 that he said here is the whole story. The Supreme Court ordered Nixon to turn over the Tapes in July 1974. Nixon resigned in August of 1974. One other parallel it was discovered in December 1973 there was an 18 1/2 minute gap in tapes erased by Nixon's long time secretary Rose Mary Woods. In Hillary's case we may never know about deleted documents of communication.

Hillary is taking the same position Nixon did - Trust Me. Sorry Hillary as Liberal I do not trust you and I did not trust your husband. The crowd over at MSNBC is Desperately Seeking Hillary for the Democratic Nomination for President and trying their best to muddy the water.

If there is the political will to do so perhaps this will wind up with the Supreme Court ruling Hillary has to turn over all her E-Mails.

Josh said...

Wow, sure hope that email server doesn't get Ron Browned/Vince Fostered!

Anonymous said...

When Trey Gowdy does get his hands on emails that Hildabeast has refused to turn over, there had better be no redacting done since she has said there was never any classified material in any of her emails. Lets see how that plays out. I cannot imagine a Secretary of State never having classified documents sent to her or sent from her. Sounds like she got to travel the world and make a butt load of money and not do any work to deserve it.