Friday, March 13, 2015

Sun-Times: Obamas Plan To Live In New York, Not Chicago

The fake First Couple are making plans to live in New York City, not the Second City when President Barack Obama's two terms come to an end according to the Chicago Sun-Times' columnist Michael Sneed. According to Sneed's sources, the Obamas prefer the Big Apple because it's "a happening place" and they don't "think the emotional tie to Chicago is what it once was . . . not sophisticated enough." "New York is what they want," a source told Sneed. "They are both going to be traveling; being on boards; making speeches; earning a lot more than a White House salary. It’s called the presidential gravy train." Sneed's sources tell her Obama only picked Chicago to launch his political career because it was "easier to get into politics here."

Sneed hints that a decision on the future location of a presidential library hangs in the balance. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose own career hangs in the balance, has been lobbying hard to locate Obama's presidential library in Chicago. "It all depends on who comes up with the most money to get the project done the way the Obamas want it done — and how hard the Obamas are willing to work to raise money to get it done," a top political analyst told Sneed. According to Sneed, the Obamas have been having hush-hush dinners with billionaires they plan to rely upon to raise the money required to establish the library.

How disgusting. The man's biographical narrative is based upon one lie after another. His presidential library will be the first to house nothing but fiction. When will some one in the American news media get the courage to tell the American people who this man really is--a totally manufactured character created by the Central Intelligence Agency?  He is the biggest political fraud in the history of the United States and is the surest sign we are headed the way of Rome.


Anonymous said...

I've read many reports this Socialist Marxist and his mate- these very, very wealthy 1%-er America-hating racists to be accurate-would never return to Chicago and I believe that.

Yes, both Obamas are disgusting to the core. Barry wages a quiet invasion by people who do not intend to assimilate at all but to fully change the fabric of this nation to a more repressive Leninist nation than it already has become. It's a fact... go look it up. And I will be called the crazy one, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The "first" to house only fiction? Guessing you first discovered politics in 2008?

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, Chicago isn't what it was. It used to be a good town for real guys who could act like real guys, eat like real guys and talk like real guys.

Now, Chicago is a place for millennials, transplants and other soft people who are not from Chicago, don't act like Chicago, don't talk like Chicago and don't eat like Chicago. Real Chicagoans want to beat up new chicagoans.

Chicago really started to take a dive around 1995. The near North Side areas where Brewer lives, around 2000 N and 1400 West were tough, gritty places, not very long ago. Now, they're all wimped up, libbed up, safe, sanitized annoying places with worthless, bland, annoying people who proudly take public transportation and think going to a microbrewery is a cultural accomplishment.

The last 20 years have been very hard on Chicago.

At least New York is still real and still has real people there. New York food sucks compared to Chicago, but how many more years of transplants and wimpy kids will it take before the people who live in Chicago no longer have a taste for Chicago food?

Obama completely makes sense on this.

Even Oprah just pulled the OWN out of Chicago and laid off 200 people.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that Barack HUSSAIN Obamma isn't going to move back to Kenya?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Barry is NOT the son of Barack Obama from Kenya. The true identity of his real father is still waiting to be discovered. For all we know, it could be the guru from Indonesia for whom Barry makes a helluva of a doppelganger.

Anonymous said...

I remember my Grandfather and my Father having a conversation back in the early fifties. My Grandfather said in 40 years or so politicians will not be for the people. I was a boy then, I don't recall everything but I remember the words "snake oil salesmen". He was wise, sadly I only had him for 12 years.

Anonymous said...

Obama is worse that the past Presidents? and future ones?