Monday, March 09, 2015

Now Docs Association Stolen Hard Drives Exposes Personal Data Of 39,000

It won't be long before every one's personal financial data and health care information is in the hands of miscreants. An employee of the Indiana State Medical Association reported the theft of two computer hard drives while they were being transported to an off-site storage site according to WRTV. The hard drives contained identifying information for 39,000 people, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, email addresses and personal medical histories. The ISMA's health insurance plan is Anthem, which had already suffered the exposure of confidential information on tens of millions of its insured after its database was breached by hackers. Presumably, the affected persons are physician members and employees of physician groups.

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Anonymous said...

In 2012 an irresponsible employee took home a laptop and it was stolen out of their car. About 2 months later I received a letter that looked like it was printed on a DOT MATRIX printer from a medical practice I didn't know.

Turns out it was with the group of doctors that were part of my treatment and when I saw my doctor the next time I told him how annoyed I was. Add insult to injury of patients who are having to go through some serious issues. I told him all the doctors of the practice and employees who work for them should have all of their personal information added to these things. I be they would be a LITTLE MORE CAREFUL with the information!

When he told me the doctors WAS on the laptop I thought "GOOD!"

Now I have the Anthem monitoring. The customer service of their monitoring service provider is less than stellar.