Friday, March 06, 2015

Clinton-Run State Department Ousted Kenyan Ambassador For Using Private E-Mail

It's another case of do as I say, not as I do. While Hillary Clinton was operating a home-based computer server to handle all of her State Department e-mails using a private e-mail account, the State Department she ran fired the American ambassador to Kenya for doing the same thing. The Daily Mail reports on the double standard:
While Hillary Clinton was using a private email address hosted on her own home-based computer server to conduct State Department business, her agency forced out an ambassador who was doing the same thing overseas.
Retired Air Force General Scott Gration was US ambassador to Kenya for 13 months between 2011 and 2012, departing after a scathing performance report blasted his leadership style and determined that he created security risks by running his own one-person IT department.
The report determined that Gration 'assumed charge of the mission’s information management operations,' in Nairobi, and 'ordered a commercial Internet connection installed in his embassy office bathroom so he could work there on a laptop not connected to the Department email system.'
He also tried to legitimize his actions by writing new policy and distributing it to the embassy staff, saying the use of 'commercial email' for government business was acceptable.
Gration, the State Department's Office of Inspector General wrote, 'continued to use commercial email for official government business' even when investigators were digging into his conduct.
The report noted that he seldom logged on to his official State Department email account; The New York Times later reported that he 'preferred to use Gmail for official business.'
Clinton, the odds-on favorite to be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 2016, came under fire this week for using a private email account – not a State Department '' address – to conduct government business.
Her aides, and Obama administration colleagues – including White House personnel – reached her at '' for the four years she was America's top diplomat.
Isn't the only reason we know about Hillary's use of a private e-mail account is because of the computer hacker known as Guccifer, who is now in jail?
Clinton’s use of her personal account raises security concerns, as the account of one of her aides, Sidney Blumenthal, was compromised in 2013 by the notorious hacker Guccifer, the Washington Post reported. 
The Blumenthal hack also exposed the fact that Clinton had created her own domain, “,” to host the email account. 
The domain was registered on the same day her confirmation hearings to become Secretary of State began in 2009.
Yeah, that's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

The left liberal Democrats with their weird fetish for defending anything these low life, law breaking Clintons do are already out from under their rocks in complete support of their clay-hoofed idols.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her political partner in crime, Bill, have always been about controlling access to whatever scheme they've been involved in. For crying out loud, this wretch even had the server for her law-breaking behavior in her home!!! HRC's fingerprints have been found on many items she's claimed to have misplaced or misremembered.

She is again damaged goods in this latest Emailgate just as she is now with the revelation she pays women on her staff less than she pays men.

Eric Morris said...

Yet she will be prez, unless Goldman/CIA don't want her to be. John Ellis Bush already has the CIA bona fides. Check O'Malley's and Chief Wa-Wa Warren's CIA connections. Or, Guccifer worked for CIA and NSA outed him so this email outing and JEB/Hillary email kerfuffle is part of the death match for double government control between CIA/NSA. Where does Patraeus fall into it? And Michael Hayden headed both agencies.

Flogger said...

The Companies I worked for in the past were very adamant - Do not use your Personal E-Mail for Company Business. The risk was there to being not only hacked, but also sending out confidential company information in error. There were serious concerns by my company about E-Mail and we had to periodically take courses not only on E-Mail etiquette but also on security.

We know that who you are determines Crime and Punishment in the USA. David Petraeus receives a wrist slap.

As someone from the Left I never did trust the Clinton's. I pictured them as being for themselves first and foremost. I never trusted "Folks" Obama and his Hope and Change either. Both the Clinton's and Obama have carried the water for the 1%.

MSNBC has been Writhing and Squirming to defend Hillary no matter what the facts are. Hillary has demonstrated poor judgment at best, which should disqualify her as Presidential timber.

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin. Like this wasn't known prior. Or is it the media and others saving the stories for damage for Prez election.

Anonymous said...

or let's have another cia breach with benghazie with blaming hillary..because they did it..

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a Crook!