Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bren Simon Sues IRS For $21 Million Tax Refund Over Gift Her Late Husband Received From Brother

Don't confuse the headline with the gift Indianapolis taxpayers have given to the billionaire Simon family members totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This gift involves a business arrangement between the late Mel Simon and his brother, Herb, concerning their co-ownership of the Pacers. According to a new lawsuit filed by Mel's widow, Bren, the IRS placed a gift value of $83 million on the business arrangement which supposedly let Mel off the hook for "subsidizing" the Indiana Pacers. The IRS claimed a $21 million tax lien against Mel's estate for the taxable benefit of Herb's gift to Mel. The Simon estate paid the amount under protest, but Bren Simon has now filed a lawsuit against the IRS to recover the $21 million. Click here to read Simon's complaint. I would like to know why all the money the taxpayers are gifting to the Pacers every year totaling in the tens of millions of dollars aren't taxed to Herb Simon. These people are shameless.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we taxpayers HAVE gifted the billionaire Simons (and other sports team owners) with millions over the years.

Is it any wonder Ersal Ozdemir, pimp of political male prostitutes Greg Steuerwald, Greg Bosma, Eric Turner, Murray Clark (to name several), wants in on this money-making gig?

Anonymous said...

If you want to educate yourself about Turkish culture watch the movie Midnight Express. It's an old movie but the ways of the Turks haven't changed. Their society is based on corruption. Ozdemir needs to find a new city to exploit.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention 2:10 other entities that benefited from the whores who get support from Ersal. Go for it Gary. Do a story on all those that benefit from the slugs and the deals. Speedway Race Track and family, Health and Hospital, Toll Road, TIF's, developments, deals and more. Link it all up. Also, you won't see WRTV and other stations narking the corruption out when they air his commercials or Angie'S List of uninformative mini documentaries on stations. Watch your back and be safe and thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Recently I have visited cities just outside of Indianapolis and found that I could drive without the need to dodge pot holes. Why are their roads free of pot holes and ours literally unsafe? Some of our pot holes are six to eight inches deep!

Oh. I almost forgot.

We spent our tax money on a Cricket Field and we send tens of millions of dollars to Ozdemir, Irsay and Simon.

Every time I hit one of those pot holes I think about our tax dollars going to Ozdemir, Irsay and Simon and the City Councilors that made that possible.

Anonymous said...

We have a A Hole for a Mayor, that is why!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 9:41 for commenting on something on my mind for quite some time. Enter Marion County from any of the contiguous county perimeters and you can tell- you can FEEL from your car seat- almost the very second you cross the county boundaries... Indy surfaces that more resemble an Appalachian quilt of patches and piecework that make driving more dangerous and artful by the day. You'd think Ballard would have to ride the streets he's allowed to decay... but when you divert millions of tax dollars to whore owner Ozdemir, well, not much left for honest needs. The craters now in almost every major and secondary street in this town are a danger to us all.

That outgoing Greg Ballard, who's only accomplishment appears to be feathering his own nest and world tours at someone else's expense and almost all of the City Council (except for Christine Scales) FAIL this City on a daily basis is an vast understatement.

Plenty of OUR tax dollars for digital sign companies, unused bicycle lanes, parking meter schemes, ugly Milhaus mixed use buildings and city parking garage give-aways, the old City Hall give-away, cricket fields (STILL laughing), money for pre-school that goes against common sense and the proper role of municipal government... ON AND ON AND ON.

Notice how we are still talking about the need for improved "public safety", more police, bigger buildings that we are lied to that will actually cost taxpayers less than those they will replace (STILL laughing)? Except for Christine Scales, there is not one Councilor worth their weight in dog poop in that Chamber. Not one.

This City is a failed City and it is going to cost us taxpayers so much to truly "rebuild Indy" that it may not be worth it. I don't blame anyone who moves to Hamilton County, Hancock County, Morgan County, Hendricks and Shelby Counties, etc. Hell, that's where many of the attorneys who own this Mayor and the political parties reside. A great number of the producers and highly educated moved outside the county limits and there is a reason.

Anonymous said...

If Bren really needs the 21 million,here's an idea.

Bren should approach the DT Mafia with the following plan:

A museum dedicated to the aesthetics of her beauty and wealth. Madonna's tune Material Girl could constantly waft through the museum via the pa system as one tours through the facility. Doesn't this look like a pleasant experience?

How should this come about?

The PTB should grant her a 42 million taxpayer subsidized gift to construct the museum.She could spend 21 million for the facility (furnishings,pictures of herself and lots of doilys)and keep 22 million for herself. The PTB will make a deal with Bren to allow taxpayer monies to cover the cost of maintaining the facility and to pay the employees every year for next 55 years.

I'm sure the Ballard administration knows of an owner of some property within the old city limits who would be willing to sell their property for double or triple the amount of its worth to allow for the construction of Bren's Beauty Museum or Bren's Museum of Beauty. I'm sure the city would be willing to spend $750,000 for a study to verify which title would be more amenable and marketable to the public at large. Also,The city will incur all of the costs to build and modify the needed infrastructure to accommodate Bren's Museum of Beauty or whatever it will be called.

Come to think of it,perhaps the construction company contracted to build this fortress dedicated to the beauty of Bren Simon could be none other than a humble emigre from Turkey!

Josh said...

I'm certain that in the end we taxpayers will come to realise that we indeed owe millions to these fine fellows. Just for being who they are.