Monday, March 02, 2015

Gannett List Says Pence Won't Run For President

Gannett-owned newspapers won't ever be accused of being a source of good investigative journalism when it comes to the meatier affairs of government, but they like their lists because it adds that game show aura to the news. Apparently the Operation Mockingbird operatives at CIA Headquarters down the road from the corporate media headquarters of Gannett decided sheeple like lists, and so the local Indianapolis Star gives us plenty of lists to consume in a newspaper heavy on sports and entertainment and way short on substantive news reporting. Former State House investigative journalist Tom LoBianco has a list of five reasons today why Gov. Mike Pence won't run for president in 2016.

The number one reason is the entry into the race of Jeb Bush, a CIA child prodigy, which means all of the top donors and fundraisers are now working for Bush. The second reason is Pence's request that his name not be included in CPAC's straw poll this past weekend despite his prime-time speaking spot at the event. The other reasons are far flung. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has crowded him out, and Terre Haute's Jim Bopp is supporting Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Finally, the Star's manufactured story about Pence's reorganization of state news-related services under the JustIn umbrella caused Washington operatives to believe he's not ready for prime time. The Star was upset that Pence was making it too easy for the public to access press releases for free that it has to pay to read on the Star's website.

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