Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tim Berry Out As State GOP Chairman

The Indianapolis Star's Tom LoBianco is the first to report on the planned departure of Tim Berry as Indiana State Republican Party Chairman. Berry resigned his statewide Auditor's office early to assume the party chairmanship after party leaders asked him to make the move so Gov. Mike Pence could name his replacement in an effort to block former State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who was term-limited from seeking another term as Treasurer, from running for Auditor.

LoBianco's report says Jeff Cardwell, who currently runs Pence's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, is Pence's likely choice to replace Berry. Sources tell Advance Indiana that Berry will be offered a job in the administration in exchange for stepping down as chairman. Some party leaders were highly critical of Berry's ineffectiveness as state chairman. His critics complained he was doing little more than sitting around the office gossiping and keeping the chairman's seat warm.


Anonymous said...

So all Tim Berry did was to sit around and gossip... as if that is news. Berry has to be the very worst at the Indiana State GOP helm and that's saying a lot as E. Holcomb was a do-nothing, self-serving, ego to the skies politico who bored us all at the meetings and dinners.. although he did appear to have a heartbeat when he hawked so no-selling book ... Tim Berry is a monumental disappointment but wasn't he installed by another political monumental disappointment?... Berry is soon to be replaced by the most pay-to-play crony insider the City and the State has seen (at least since Mitch Daniels....)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about him. They will create or give him a position about which he knows nothing, needs to do nothing, and suffers with a 100k+ salary.