Friday, May 10, 2013

Roger Stone Claims Johnson Had Kennedy Killed In New Book

Gadfly political consultant Roger Stone has penned a new book, "The man who killed Kennedy-the case against LBJ," in which he claims then Vice President Johnson had President John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The Daily Caller writes about Stone's claim promoting his new book based on a Facebook post Stone made this week. Stone's new book also claims that Richard Nixon once employed Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Kennedy's accused killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, on his congressional staff before he became Dwight Eisenhower's Vice President.
Legendary Republican operative Roger Stone claims in his new book that Lyndon Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and that Richard Nixon and Johnson had a documented relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, years before Ruby shot Oswald in the basement of Dallas police headquarters in 1963.
Stone, who worked for Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President in 1972 and later served in the Nixon administration, claims in his forthcoming book that Johnson, then a senator, instructed Richard Nixon, then a congressman, to hire Ruby on the House of Representatives payroll in 1947.
Stone also claimed that Johnson “micro-managed” Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade, demanding that it pass through Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963, when Oswald, from his perch in an overlooking book depository building, shot Kennedy.
Nixon knew Jack Ruby, hired him on House payroll in 1947 at request of … Lyndon Johnson. Newly released documents prove it. in my upcoming book ‘The Man who killed Kennedy- the case against LBJ’ Out Oct 1–order yours today,” Stone wrote on Facebook Thursday night.
“LBJ and Gov. John Connally micro-managed Dalla JFK’s schedule and demanded the route thru Dealy Plaza where the motorcade came to a full stop and LBJ had JFK killed. They had no interest in JFK stops in Austin or Houston !My upcoming book ‘The Man who killed Kennedy- the case against LBJ’ Out Oct 1–order yours today,” Stone wrote.
Stone, who has long defended his former boss Nixon, even wearing a famous Nixon tattoo on his back, co-wrote his forthcoming book with Mike Colapietro. The book is being published by Skyhorse Publishing.
Ruby, whose real name was Jacob Leon Rubenstein, moved from Chicago to Dallas in 1947, the same year Stone claims Nixon put him on the House payroll at Johnson’s request. Ruby died in 1967, a little more than three years after killing Oswald.
One has to tread cautiously in believing anything Stone says. This is a guy who cut his teeth working for Nixon's re-election campaign, along with Karl Rove, pulling the dirtiest campaign tricks in the books. I met the guy back in the late 1970s when he was still married to Ann "Bitsy" Stone at a Teen-Age Republican Leadership Conference. He struck me as being a total sleazebag then who spent too much time admiring himself in the mirror, and nothing he's done over the years has disabused me of that notion. He later dumped wife Bitsy for some younger babe with whom he promoted online sexual hook-ups with others looking for three-ways and more. Ann now heads up Republicans for Choice. You may recall that Stone led some of us to believe during the 2008 presidential campaign that he possessed a video of Michelle Obama referring to white people as "whitey," which he promised but failed to produce.

Stone won't be the first to pen a book claiming Johnson was responsible for Kennedy's assassination. Barr McClellen, a former attorney for LBJ from Texas from 1966-71, claimed in his book, "Blood Money & Power: How LBJ killed JFK," that the powerful Texas attorney and close Johnson pal who employed him, Ed Clark, revealed to him how he, Johnson and others took out Kennedy in Dallas. McClellen is the father of former White House press secretary Scott McClellen in the administration of George W. Bush, whose principal mission in his book was to direct blame for Kennedy's assassination towards Johnson and away from George H.W. Bush, who believe it or not, was present in Dealy Plaza the day Kennedy was shot, although he would incredibly tell reporters many years later that he could not recall what he was doing when he learned Kennedy had been shot. I believe Stone's latest book is just a continuation of that effort to deflect attention away from Bush and towards Johnson, who was no doubt culpable in the assassination to some degree.

Russ Baker's, "The Family of Secrets," makes a compelling case that the elder Bush, who worked for the CIA under cover at the time, played a key role in the assassination of Kennedy. It's kind of hard to separate the ties of all the characters out, but it's quite clear that the same people with whom Johnson associated in the oil and defense industries in Texas were also joined at the hip with Bush. Baker's book highlights two things Bush did at the time of the assassination that tied him to the plot. Bush actually telephoned the FBI the day of the assassination to inform the agency he believed that a campaign volunteer in the Harris County, Texas GOP office, which Bush chaired at the time, might have had a role in the assassination. The FBI promptly picked up the poor sap and held him for a day of intense questioning before later releasing him. Bush also had a remarkable phone call with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover shortly after the assassination during which Hoover questioned the CIA's Bush about possible ties of the Cubans he managed to the assassination.

The mainstream media did a terrible job of reporting Bush's CIA past when he ran for President, which predated by many years his service as CIA Director for President Gerald Ford. Bush ran Zapata Oil, which was a CIA front company that controlled oil leasing rights in the Caribbean in and around Cuba. He played a key role in the arming and training of the CIA-backed rebels who failed to topple Castro during the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, which some surmise was ordered by CIA Director Allen Dulles, a close Bush confidante, behind Kennedy's back. Kennedy retaliated by sacking all of Bush's pals at the CIA, including Dulles, which some speculate served, in part, as the basis for his assassination in 1963. Their patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, had been a CIA counter agent in Russia before returning to Texas, where he was handled by a close friend of Bush, George de Mohrenschildt, an immigrant from Russia. He committed suicide the day he was scheduled to testify before the House Committee On Assassinations, which concluded there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy, rejecting the lone gunman theory. To add insult to injury, Johnson appointed the Kennedy-hating Dulles to the Warren Commission, which served nothing more than to cover up the actual conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy by pinning the blame on their lone gunman assassin, Oswald, who was a patsy just as he claimed.

Many people fail to make the connection of the Kennedy assassination to Watergate. The Cubans G. Gordon Liddy recruited to work in the so-called White House Plumbers unit and who conducted the botched break-in and bugging of the Democratic National Party headquarters in the Watergate building in 1972 were the same Cubans who were recruited by the CIA to help overthrow Castro in Cuba back in the early 60s. Liddy had worked for both the FBI and the CIA before joining the Nixon White House and presidential campaign in which both Roger Stone and Karl Rove were two young turks just cutting their teeth in politics.


Flogger said...

It has always seemed more than a coincidence to me that JFK's car would pass right by Oswald's place of work. The odds on that happening are phenomenal.

We have the spectacle of Oswald being paraded around in public.

Recreations of the shots, are done by experts in a controlled environment.

Then we have the killings of RFK, and MLK.

I think what we have learned since JFK's Killing is that suggestible people can be found to carry out suicide missions.

There was certainly a toxic brew of players Mafia, CIA etc.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Don't forget that the son of another oil man from Texas and close friend of George H.W. Bush tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan. What are the odds of that? I've never been much of a believer in coincidences. Most people don't know that the CIA also had a double for Oswald, who is thought to be the guy who kept showing up different places using his name, including the U.S. embassy in Mexico City. That black and white photo of Oswald holding the rifle that was supposedly used to kill Kennedy has been proven to be a bad forgery. Hell, a high school student could photoshop a picture today much better than that poorly-forged photo done by so-called experts working for the CIA.