Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exhibitionist Ex-Reality Star Says He Had No Idea Where Mother Got Money To Pay His Credit Card Bills

Karen Armacost of Franklin has admitted to stealing more than $680,000 from her former employer, Greenwood Orthopaedics, after the Marion County Prosecutor's Office charged her with theft, forgery and attempting to obtain a controlled substance by fraud. That last charge was what led her employer to uncover her crime spree that began in 2007. Armacost was caught forging a doctor's name to a prescription for Vicodin. According to the probable cause affidavit, Armacost used more than $400,000 of the money she stole from her former employer to pay credit card bills issued in the name of her sons, including Austin Armacost, the exhibitionist former ex-reality TV star from the A-List. Austin told investigators he had know idea how his mother was paying his credit card bills.

Austin had his 15 seconds of fame when he briefly starred in the reality show, A-List, a Real Housewives-styled show that followed the lives of gay and bisexual couples that aired on the Logo channel. Armacost briefly dated American fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Austin, who almost stripped down for a Playgirl photo spread as a big tease for the A-List and who posed naked to support the animal rights group, PETA, candidly refers to himself and other family members as exhibitionists. This is how he described his family's exhibitionist ways in an interview last November with NewNowNext:

Every time my mom walks in on me naked in the shower. This might sound crazy, but I like when my family sees me naked. Now, it’s not incestuous, but we’re very free. We’re all very free. At any one time in my living room, my dad might be in the jacuzzi naked out back, my mom might be powdering her tits, and I might be shitting with the door open. So we’re all very free, open people. Very exhibitionist in my home. Now, I don’t know what constitutes a “nudist,” but we probably fit that to a T. Though we’re not a cult or anything.”
Nice. Thanks for sharing, Austin.

Austin seemed to take his mother's guilty plea in stride. A short time after she entered her guilty plea, he took to his Twitter page to post, "Whose [sic] going to indypride next weekend?" He later commented, "A Louboutin is not an ashtray!"

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