Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never Let A Government-Created Terrorist Attack Go To Waste: Indianapolis 500 Will Rub Boston In Our Faces

The manufactured war on terrorism will take front and center at tomorrow's running of the Indianapolis 500. Shamefully, the Hulman-George family, fresh from celebrating their legislative victory of scoring one hundred million dollars in government subsidies to improve their race track, will allow 35 runners who were unable to finish the Boston Marathon this year when two explosions were staged near the finish line by those promoting the endless war on terror to make that final one-mile run before the start of this year's race. From WRTV:
Approximately 35 runners from the 2013 Boston Marathon unable to finish the race because of the bombings will complete the distance Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Boston Marathon participants from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan will run a half mile from Turn 4 to the Yard of Bricks on the IMS oval moments before the start of the 97th Indianapolis 500, an IMS spokesman said.
The run will take place between 11:55 a.m. and noon.
All of the participants in the ceremonial run at the IMS were stopped short of the finish line April 15 in Boston after two bombs exploded.
“The tragedy last month in Boston still resonates with everyone, so we wanted to give runners the chance to finish the race in front of thousands of fans who will appreciate their persistence and determination,” said Doug Boles, IMS chief operating officer. “Everyone will remember the victims while also celebrating the strength and indomitable spirit of these special competitors as they cross the hallowed Yard of Bricks.”
IMS officials extended the invitation for runners to the Boston Athletic Association, which contacted those who didn’t finish the race in Indiana and surrounding states.
In Boston today, they held a re-running of the last mile of the race for the nearly 5,000 runners who were unable to compete the marathon this year due to the unforeseen events of the date.

As part of the keeping "see something, say something" high alert awareness campaign, bomb squads were called to the Coca-Cola lot at the Speedway today to examine a suspicious device that was emanating smoke. It turned out to be commercial grade firecrackers.

Speaking of staged events, listen to one of the announcers at the Indy Light series Freedom 100 race at the IMS yesterday say the spectacularly close finish between four of the cars competing was staged. Listen at the 1:30 mark where he says, "That looks staged, Mike. Look how staged that picture looks." Maybe it was.


Downtown Indy said...

Followed by the words '..that's an actual race run to the finish'.

The 'that looks staged' statement was clearly a tongue in check comment about the freeze frame image on the screen looking like it was staged for a photo.

The audio from the in-car view reveals the driver was running flat out and you never hear the engine RPM drop except briefly in the turns.

You seem to be finding, or at least looking for, conspiracies in everything these days. Why is that?

Unigov said...

Looked like a big mess for crowds getting into the 500 today - extra searches ?

That Indy Light finish...hilarious...SO realistic...

Flogger said...

I have found this whole Warrior Cult mentality sickening. The Wall Street-Security-Military-Industrial Complex has almost total control. It creeps into every facet of our lives.

Extraordinary Rendition, torture, endless wars, Wire Taps of phone calls and E-Mails, etc, are now the norm.

I have found Professional Sports to be particularly welded to and constantly hyping the Warrior Cult. Of course you will not find the players of major league sports enlisting in a combat unit. During the Vietnam War when we still had a draft I cannot recall a single Professional Athlete that was drafted. The only athlete of note that had draft issues was M. Ali and that was because he had the courage to say no.

I was surfing the Web a few years ago, and came across a Memorial Web Site for a soldier killed in Vietnam. The picture of him was taken when he was in Little League uniform, with a huge smile on his face. It struck a raw nerve for me since my own grandson is now about the age he was in the picture.

Soldiers who come home are faced with VA system that is clearly inadequate.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Are you kidding, DI, these people will do anything to increase interest in the race. Most NASCAR fans seem to believe that Danica Patrick winning the pole at this year's Daytona 500 was no accident; it was done to boost interest in the series. Even NASCAR has had to resort to extremes to help boost its sagging ratings and lower attendance at their races.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Yes, Unigov, the lines to get in on Georgetown were ridiculously long. It was about a 10 minute wait at the entrance we used on 16th Street. The race was a lot more exciting than normal with so many race leader changes and so many running in a pack at the front. It seemed more like a NASCAR race today with all the passing that was going on.

Jeff Cox said...


Two words: Pat Tillman.