Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Gov. Mike Pence Signs Economic Development Transparency Legislation

Gov. Mike Pence signed legislation authored by State Sen. Mike Delph to provide transparency in the state's economic development activities. The bill requires the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to provide information to the public on the performance goals, jobs created, expected jobs, recaptured incentives and tax credits claimed each year by businesses. It also ensures that taxpayers have access to deal terms and contracts between the IEDC and companies. An online transparency portal being launched by IEDC will make information easily accessible to the public. "Greater transparency and accountability ensure public confidence in our economic development efforts and will help keep Indiana's pro-business environment healthy and competitive," said Pence. "I applaud both the members of the Indiana General Assembly for their work on SEA 162 and the work already begun by the IEDC to enhance transparency for the benefit of Hoosier taxpayers across our state."

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Pete Boggs said...

God love Mike Delph- a decent fellow who endeavors to Constitutionally represent his constiuents.