Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laughable: Former CIA Director Says Boston Bombings Couldn't Happen In New York Because NYPD Does Better Job Spying On Muslims

The incredulous statements coming from current and former officials of our government concerning terrorism keeps reaching new lows. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden claims the Boston Marathon bombings could never have happened in New York because the police do a much better job there of spying on Muslims. From the Daily Mail:
Former CIA chief Michael Hayden says a terror attack similar to the Boston Marathon bombing could not have been executed in New York City because of the NYPD's extensive spying on Muslim communities. 
'If these two mopes were living in New York this attack would not have happened,' Hayden said of the two Boston bombing suspects, reports The Hill newspaper's Jordy Yager. 
'The New York Police Department is far more aggressive, far more invasive, going what’s been termed ‘mosque crawling’ and a whole bunch of other things to permeate the Islamic-American community. Boston doesn’t do that,' he said.
What Hayden fails to reveal is that the only planned terror attacks in New York that were foiled before they could be carried out that weren't initiated by the FBI's counter terrorism unit was due to the actions of private citizens, not NYPD. Hayden conveniently omits the CIA's role in handling the Tsarnaev brothers, whose family was only in the United States thanks to the actions of his former colleague, Graham Fuller, father-in-law and former housemate of Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers. Not even a warning from the Russians to both the CIA or the FBI warranted any action against the Tsarnaev brothers. Gee, I wonder why?

Speaking of government officials behaving badly, what's up with the two U.S. embassy employees getting shot at a strip club in Venezuela?
Two officials from the U.S. Embassy suffered gunshot wounds early Tuesday in an altercation at a strip club in Venezuela’s crime-ridden capital, police and U.S. State Department officials said. Their injuries were not considered life-threatening.
The circumstances of the shooting were unclear, with conflicting reports over whether it happened inside or outside the Antonella 2012 nightclub.
Read more on the AP report of the incident here.

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