Friday, May 10, 2013

Mass Avenue Business Owner Takes On Downtown Mafia's Shady Property Tax Raising Efforts

Mass Avenue business owner Bill Pritt makes a compelling and passionate speech at a recent neighborhood meeting in opposition to efforts by the downtown mafia to impose a special property tax levy on some Mass Avenue property owners for an economic improvement district that he and other property owners insist is not needed. The principal proponents of the EID are the Riley Area CDC, a nonprofit funded primarily by government grants, and Schmidt & Associates, a pay-to-play contractor that has won millions of dollars in no-bid contracts from the Ballard administration in recent years. Pritt's speech highlights the underhandedness and dishonest means the downtown mafia will employ to get what it wants. I would highly encourage you to listen to his 22-minute speech. Perhaps it can serve as a road map to other concerned community and business leaders who are fed up with the corrupt downtown mafia shoving crap down our throats all the time for their self-serving aims.

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Pete Boggs said...

He describes a national problem with a local, TIF face. Citizens & private enterprise are treated as harvestable commodities by a government gone zombie.