Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ballard Responds To Today's Indictments, Says He Takes Allegations "Seriously"

Mayor Greg Ballard released the following statement in response to today's indictments:
“I take these allegations very seriously and I will not tolerate abuse of the public trust. That’s why I initiated the toughest ethics and first whistleblower laws in the history of the city.
Mr. Walton and Mr. Hawkins are suspended without pay effective immediately.
I appreciate the work of federal officials in this matter and my team will continue to assist them in this investigation. The alleged acts of these two individuals do not reflect the dedication of the thousands of employees who work hard to improve our city every day.”
I would take issue with the Mayor's claim that he enacted the "toughest ethics" law in the history of the city. The current law his administration put forth is so intentionally weak it's a rather empty claim.


all hear this said...
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guy77money said...

Ballard is clueless! This is no worse then paying him a campaign contribution to get access to free taxpayer money!

Unknown said...

Is this the same Ballard who just approved another Gulen sponsored charter school that was rejected by the state?