Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pence Ceremonial Signing Of $100 Million Bailout For Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Star photo
Gov. Mike Pence held a ceremonial signing of HB 1544 in his office today flanked by the bill's authors, State Rep. Eric Turner and State Sen. Brandt Hershman, and representatives of those counting the dollars the governor just took from your pockets and put in their pockets. IMS CEO Mark Miles has quite the smirk on his face thinking about how easy it is to tap public dollars to enrich one's self in Indiana. I even see Roger Harvey, former WTHR-TV investigative reporter turned influence peddler, standing in the back row behind the governor. Things are so bad in Indiana that even good journalists are corrupted by the system. This is not a moment that Gov. Pence should treasure. It flies in the face of the fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility he's spent the past few decades preaching to the rest of us, but it's good for campaign contributions and that seems to be all that matters to our elected officials anymore.


Indy Rob said...

I find it interesting that the photo features Hoosier tires, who as far as I know, make a lot of racing tires but none for the Indy-Izod series, and have not received government handouts. If I were the owners of Hoosier tire, I'd be holding my hand out to Governor Pence asking for a share for that money.

(the previous statement is supposed to be ironic since as far as I know, hoosier tire is a manufacturer who pays their own taxes).

Pete Boggs said...

Ugly: Indianapolis Voter Bleedway

Unigov said...

Indy Rob beat me to it ! Hoosier Tires ???

I used to look forward to the 500, but now it's just another corporate beggar like the Colts and Pacers.

Even the drink of milk after the race is BS, it being a symbol of the power of the dairy lobbyists. NOBODY drinks milk when they're hot and tired.

Downtown Indy said...

I just can't fathom how they survived for 100 years but now *need* taxpayer funding to get by.

But then, I can't fathom why the government insists on running a bank for private businesses.

LamLawIndy said...

Dude! Just heard u on NPR, Gary. Nice!

Neon18 said...

Time for a 2-4% tax(bond) for education in Indiana. Just like cigarettes and alcohol! Tax all racing revenue for real time education.