Thursday, May 16, 2013

Frat Boy Turned CIA Spy Caught By Russians Trying To Cover CIA's Tracks In Boston Bombing

Ryan Fogle
Arrested: The US diplomat - suspected by the Russian of being a CIA agent - was named as Ryan Christopher FogleThose of you who care to be informed have seen the irrefutable evidence I've previously presented of the CIA's involvement in the Boston bombing, which was another false flag carried out by a rogue agency that operates completely outside the U.S. Constitution and laws of our nation. Drunk with power and a feeling of invincibility, the agency is increasingly getting sloppy in its work.

Take the case of this frat boy from a wealthy St. Louis family, Ryan C. Fogle, the agency foolishly recruited as one of its spies masquerading as a State Department official. Russian officials caught him offering to pay a six-figure bribe to a Russian intelligence official for information on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the nephew of the agency's Russian CIA asset, Ruslan Tsarni. Fogle had disguised himself by wearing a bad blond wig when he was arrested by Russian authorities. Sounds almost as bad as the disguise Gus Mendenhall used when he rendezvoused with State Rep. Ed DeLaney in a parking lot up in Carmel to settle an old score under the pretense of purchasing real estate for the Russian mob based on his knowledge of DeLaney's mysterious dealings in Russia a few years back. The Daily Mail describes his arrest:
The arrest of a US diplomat accused of being a CIA spy was linked to the Boston bombing, sources revealed today.  
Russian security officials reported on Tuesday that they had briefly detained Ryan Fogle in Moscow for allegedly trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer.
Today sources revealed the man Mr Fogle was trying to ‘recruit’ was an FSB agent who specialised in Islamic extremism in Russia and may even have travelled to the region where the bombing suspects came from.
It is thought that he was part of a team who went to Dagestan and provided intelligence to the United States about an extremist threat in 2011. 
Fogle, a third secretary at the U.S. Embassy, who was carrying special technical equipment, disguises, written instructions and a large sum of money. Fogle was later handed over to U.S. Embassy officials.
This morning the Russian foreign ministry today issued a formal protest to American ambassador Michael McFaul who was summoned to explain the alleged espionage mission of one of his diplomats.   
As he left after the brief session with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the envoy waved to reporters but refused to comment.
Tsarnaev, along with his younger brother Dzhokhar, was framed for carrying out the Boston bombings before he was captured and killed by U.S. authorities following an unprecedented manhunt that included a badly-staged shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts that only people with an IQ below 70 are capable of believing was real. The FBI initially denied it had any prior contact with the Tsarnaevs until their mother outed federal agents role in handling her sons for years. Russian authorities later confirmed they had notified both the CIA and the FBI that Tamerlan had been in contact with persons linked to radical Islamic terrorists, who we now know the CIA has been funding for years in an effort to destabilize Russia.

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Flogger said...

When I first saw this on TV my first thought was of Inspector Jacques Clouseau from the Pink Panther in one his disguises, no Bourne or James Bond here.

The Berlin Wall came down, and the Soviet Union basically dissolved. This must have sent the leadership of the Wall Street-Security-Military-Industrial complex to the bath room to throw up. A big reason for their existence suddenly vanished. There was really no point to NATO any longer.

Russia has had good reason to fear the West. A War with Napoleon and two savage wars with the Germans. It was Russia, that broke Napoleon, and over a century later the Soviet Union bore the brunt of Hitler's Armed Forces, and smashed them.

The reaction from the West was the attempt to push NATO up to the Russian borders. 9/11 also allowed us to install bases in some the old Soviet territory.

If the Russians are not cooperative with us they have good reasons.

Who knows if we encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran back in 1979. We do know the US favored Iraq in this War. Saddam was executed so we will never know the answers. We do know about the double cross game of Iran-Contra, during the time we had tilted toward Iraq.

We know Saddam used chemical weapons, but who supplied the the Agents to him seems to be missing from history. Except I found this on the Internet, "Congressional investigations after the Gulf War revealed that the Commerce Department had licensed sales of biological agents, including anthrax, and insecticides, which could be used in chemical weapons, to Iraq."

Now we hear about Syrian use of chemical weapons. No questions asked about how Syria may have acquired the agents to produce chemical weapons.

The point is the "Double Cross" game is alive and well.