Wednesday, May 15, 2013

These Are The Animals Obama And Sen. Dan Coats Support In Syria

The U.S. government is supporting sick animals like this radical Syrian rebel, Abu Sakkar, who is shown in the graphic video above cutting out the heart of a Syrian soldier he killed and eating it, by covertly arming them in their efforts to overthrow the Assad regime. The cover up by the Obama administration of the terrorist attack on the Benghazi diplomatic post where Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed served as a clearing house for arms the CIA is covertly shipping to Turkey to aid radical Al Qaeda terrorists like this animal shown above for the war in Syria. Indiana's Sen. Dan Coast, who sits on the Intelligence Committee, and many of his Senate colleagues want the U.S. to become militarily involved in the Syrian conflict. He recently used the phony intelligence claim that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people as a pretext for military action, even though independent observers insist that it's the American-backed rebels, not the Syrian government, which used chemical weapons on innocent civilians. The same people Coats and others in Congress rely upon for advice on Syria are the same bums who lied to the American people about the reasons we were going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. I would urge you to call Sen. Coats' office and tell him to stop U.S. funding for the same Al Qaeda terrorists we have been told we had to spend trillions of dollars fighting wars during which the lives of thousands of American soldiers have already been sacrificed over the past decade.

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