Sunday, November 12, 2006

Indianapolis Monthly Blog Roll

The November edition of Indianapolis Monthly features a brief look at area blogs, including Advance Indiana. Making the magazine's Blog Roll also are: Taking Down Words, Ruth's Blog, Hoosier Beer Geek, Indiana Politico and Torpor Indy. The magazine provides some insight as to who the likely readers of each blog are and why you should bother reading them. Here's what they had to say about the six blogs:

Likely Reader

Taking Down Words: Media folks and liberal politicos
Ruth's Blog: Fans who miss her columns and everyone who enjoys local gossip
Hoosier Beer Geek: Beer snobs and the people who love them
Indiana Politico: Both sides of the aisle
Torpor Indy: Fellow misanthropes
Advance Indiana: Policy wonks

Why Bother?

Taking Down Words: Snarky local media coverage, left-leaning political analysis and daily updates.
Ruth's Blog: Holladay's still a good writer, whether she's discussing the Star or her grandson.
Hoosier Beer Geek: You'll actually know what to order next time you go to MacNiven's.
Indiana Politico: Entertainment disguised as politics--or is it the other way around?
Torpor Indy: Hilarious bitching and lots of good links to other Indy blogs.
Advance Indiana: Because he saves you the trouble of reading between the lines.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work here, Gary. I read Jen Wagner's nasty comments about you today. The only thing I can surmise is she's met her match and she doesn't like the competition. The truth is you are the only blog in this town which offers objective analysis of candidates and public policy issues.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, the first blog I go to is Advance Indiana. Your writing is clear and ideas honest. Amen! You'd be out of business if the Star reported like this - no need to worry there!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Jen Wagner is just a nasty person. Period.

Keep up the good work AI.

Anonymous said...

Blog owners need to be held accountable for their blogs' content.

Lines have been crossed and lives ruined with vicious attacks and lies.... I'm looking for someone in the mainstream media to take on that topic!

Anonymous said...

Indiana Politico hasn't been updated since August, unless there's a changed link I'm not aware of.

Unrelated: I LOVE Jen Wagner. said...

Elton John opposes blogging...,,1942193,00.html

"People don't seem to protest in the streets any more, they are always blogging on the internet. They seem to do their protesting online, and that's not good [enough]. You have got to get out there and be seen and be vocal, and you've got to do it time and time again. People have become apathetic."