Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daniels Strikes Out In Selling Toll Road Bypass To Star

If Matt Tully's account of Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) sales pitch to the Star's editorial board is any indication, he'd better draw up a new plan for selling his controversial, proposed toll road bypass around Indianapolis. In a stinging rebuke, Tully writes of his sales pitch, "A particularly unlikable part of the sales pitch goes something like this: Hey, buy my idea or you're a selfish jerk."

Tully's first big problem with Daniels' proposal is that he has no study to back up his claim that the new bypass will "raise gobs of cash", "spur development in cities such as Pendleton and Shelbyville", and "alleviate congestion that is likely to grow in the coming years." When asked about the concern expressed by such notables as former Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut that the plan would suck economic development out of Indianapolis, Tully says Daniels had this reply: "I hope people who are expressing this concern are not saying, 'We must take no step that might conceivably not work to Indianapolis' maximum advantage, and the heck with the rest of Indiana.' " There's more of the same in Tully's summary. In the end, Daniels tells the editorial board he will take a look at the bypass' impact on Indianapolis--"something the governor's people should have looked at long before he started selling" Tully says.

The Star's editorial reaffirms Tully's concerns. "[The] Governor needs to provide hard data on potential benefits of new tollway," the Star's editors conclude, adding: "Facts matter. And so far the governor hasn't provided enough data to counter legitimate concerns raised about potential effects of the tollway."


Anonymous said...

In previous years it was Lake County vs. Indiana. The Statewide electorate, mainly GOP, basically looked at Lake County as one big Democratic corrupt cesspool. Now it's gone to Lake and Marion Counties vs. Indiana. Lake and Marion Counties will do everything they can to look out for each other and the hell with the rest of the state. We know Matt Tully is just an enabler for the Machine.

Hence we need folks like Gov. Daniels in office who understand there is civilization outside of I-465.

Anonymous said...

I live outside of Central Indiana and think that one of Indiana's problems is a history of Indy-centrism.

I also have no particular opinion yet on the value of the toll road.

Having said that, I get very annoyed at the Governor's attitude. It's not only an attitude of "if you're not with me you're against me" but "if you're not INSTANTLY with me you are against the future of Indiana." He actually used that phrase, as you'll recall, in a "discussion" (probably poor use of the word on my part) on leasing the Toll Road.

Look, Gov, you're a publicly elected official and you're accountable to the people of this State. Bold is great, but for heavens sakes please understand that one of the core values that allows our democracy to survive is an acceptance that debate is healthy and necessary.

Anonymous said...

Look, Gov, you're a publicly elected official and you're accountable to the people of this State.

I'd like to compare the past 2 years to a small child taking really nasty smelling medicine. It was good for us but we really had to have our nose held, mouth pried open and the spoon shoved in.

Considering the fact it took us 30 years to decide on DST, and we're still not done arguing about it. We've debated and debated and beat that dead horse over and over. 46 1/4 other states - even ones "less educated" than Indiana - had no problem with DST but we couldn't do it?

I wasn't too big on leasing out the Toll Road operation, but it's done. Was there that much political patronage, waste, and corruption going on up there that if the state chose to raise tolls we couldn't have bonded against future proceeds?

Some people just need to be whacked very hard with a cluestick. Starting with the Muskrat himself, Pat Bauer.

Anonymous said...

Hailstone-- is there any room for debate and discussion-- how about showing me the facts-- or even projections about this project...

It seems to me that the Governor can't get the NEW I-69 to connect with 465 through the southern edge of Marion County-- due to his promises to legislators in that area to vote for it-- so he creates this super beltway to avoid the issue altogether.

And THEN has the audacity to say "get over it" when we question the merits?

Hope he's enjoyed his one term. We'll send ya lots of fried tenderloins from around the state -- if you'll just retire to Fishers and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to compare the past 2 years to a small child taking really nasty smelling medicine. It was good for us but we really had to have our nose held, mouth pried open and the spoon shoved in.

Exactly right. That's why his poll numbers are so low... people don't like the WAY he's doing things, but the things he's doing need to be done.

Someday everyone will realize that.. probably won't admit it, but they'll realize it.

I hope, if Mitch runs again, he gets another term. It'd be very short sighted to boot him out after what he's done. But it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Regarding the new road, he does need to 'sell' this one more. It's one thing to privatize an already existing toll road - it's another altogether to build a brand new one. Lots more feathers get ruffled, and he needs to show the tangible benefits rather than the hypothetical ones.

Anonymous said...

Some people just need to be whacked very hard with a cluestick.

Love that line, hailstone!

Mitch does need to learn to sell his ideas better, but then again, he isn't a career politician who has spent 30 years honing his soundbite-speak. He has spent his years building up a real-world resume of great accomplishments. I too hope the state wisens up, sees the great he is doing, and gives him a second term!

Anonymous said...

This whole admiring-Daniel's-contempt-for-the-political-process thing is a bit much. I get tired of Hoosiers' resistance to change as much as the next person and more than some, but the fact is that we do NOT operate under a monarchy. We do NOT believe that God has granted our Governor some sort of divine authority. And there is simply no reason why a leader cannot be civil to those who disagree. This is called REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY and it's worked pretty well.

The alternative is much, much worse.

Anonymous said...

As Sir Hailstone noted in the first post, I think we are getting much like Illinois.... a conservative, normal, rational state ruled by a Chicago mentality.

Anonymous said...

it's worked pretty well...

The last 16 years have left Indiana in a gutted out brain drain where all we have left are the 60% of students that don't graduate from high school, and 20% of those that do. We have the laziest, fattest, dimmest, slowest citizens around (OK, a bit over-generalized, but close). We should be honored that there are still great accomplished leaders out there like Mitch that want to give the state the effort. God help us if people like Mitch don't step up. We will be wallowing in the mud sloughs with the O'Bannans and Bayhs forever.