Friday, November 03, 2006

Varvel On Carson's Win-At-All-Costs Campaign

Star political cartoonist Gary Varvel hits the nail on the head with his latest creations today. He captions his latest creation: "Did you hear about the mailer put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for Julia Carson? She is doing her impersonation of Sergeant Schultz, "I know nothing!" The mud-slinging can only mean one thing. The polls must be too close for comfort."

I prefer the last sketch he shared as one of his other idea with Carson in the back seat telling Dickerson not to look at her as the car splashes mud on him.


Anonymous said...

"I ain't got no nickel in that dime"

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I like the car spinning mud on Eric with Julia saying she's not driving, but I like them all and am glad he shared all of them with us.

I wonder what the mail will bring today?

Anonymous said...

I rarely like Varvel's cartoons. I mean, he's artistically talented, but for me, that's it.

But these cartoons hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

He has drawn her PERFECTLY !

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Election Day when Julia puts on a show and shows the world how incompetent she is when she doesn't know how to vote. Obviously not able to represent us in Congress.

Ba-bye Julia!

PigUgly said...

Is she looking for that "little girl" in the back seat?

Anonymous said...

You havent' seen Wilson lately, have you? His task until Tuesday: babysit Mae. (the little girl)

Anonymous said...

Notice the one that actually got published doesn't mention Julia specifically

Gary R. Welsh said...

The bottom two were Varvel's first idea I'm sure, then Ryerson took one look and sent him back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...



indyernie said...

How did he get Julia Carson to sit for the portrait?... never mind... he must have been at the 16th St. Town Hall meeting.... He just waited the five minutes it took for Carson to fall asleep in the food line.

Anonymous said...

A THIRD mailer.

Shame, shame, shame Julia. Your silence speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Another lost opportunity. Once again, Julia Carson was a no show at Crispus Attucks High School. The residents of the MEDIC Neighborhood Association were disappointted that their incumbent Congresswoman did not think of enough of their invitation to debate Eric Dickerson or to even stop by.

Eric Dickerson was allowed to use the entire 30 minutes explaining his purpose for serving in Congress. To my surprise, I really enjoyed his position on the issues. Several residents informed me afterwards that they will be former Carson supporters and will be voting for Dickerson on Tuesday.

Message to Julia Carson: You have taken our votes for granted for the last time.

Dickerson is sincere and will be serve this district with distinction and honor in Washington in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Notice the one that actually got published doesn't mention Julia specifically

You really wouldn't think Denny-boy would let a direct slam on Julia from Gary Varvel fly would you?

It's really miraculous that Gannett allows high quality and class acts like Gary Varvel remain employed there.

Anonymous said...

Notice the picture shows Julia reading a book. LOL.

I have NEVER seen julia read ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Julia LIES again. She was just on a Channel 13 piece saying she "inadvertantly" said something about Dickerson. JULIA YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!!!

You KNOW you PERSONALLY gave the police report to the Star and said the most vile garbage!!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

The FACTS are out there in the press and on the electronic media. I know one of your minions will try to spin it somehow but these are the facts.

Does Julia and her camp think we are so stupid? In addition to your lies, you go and insult my intelligence.

JULIA LIED AGAIN. "what's worse, or a candidate who lies about it."
Julia Carson, that's who.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry on Tuesday; Ed TreacyDemocrat chair and Julia will stage a big protest in one of the polling places by noon accusing the Republican inspector of some bogus charge, if it doesn't appear that they are winning to try to scare their voters to the polls before 6:00 PM.

Monitor the voting patterns around the county between 5:00-6:00 PM, Cordelia Lewis and operation big vote will try to run some last minute some legal and some not legal voters to the polls to run up the Democrats' vote count.

This tactic has been used for a number of elections to get last minute media attention. Amos Brown will be on the radio running his mouth and playing the race card to help get out the black vote. Accusing the Republicans of disenfranchising black voters.

Wait and see, don't be surprised with games they will play. Julia Carson is known for keeping track of all deceased voters in the district. Her office sends letters of condolences to family members so that they will hear her name when they are grief stricken. Julia learned that trick from Andy Jacobs. Usually she doesn't know the deceased or their family members. Carl Drummer has begun to send letters the Center Township Trustees' letterhead as if everyone applies for poor relief in Center Township.

Voter ID will keep them from voting all of those dead people and using addresses from vacant lots for the wine heads and junkies they usually pay to vote illegally. Riding the polls handing out half pints of booze, drugs and cash for votes.

I heard there will be outside monitors in town to observe the election process. Don't get caught this time, they will be going to jail!