Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Truth About the DCCC Mailings

Despite protestations from Democrats to the contrary that the negative direct mail pieces against Eric Dickerson (R) in the 7th Congressional District were only sent to primarily white areas of the district, new information about those controversial mailings from Amos Brown confirms those earlier suspicions. Brown writes in his weekly column, "Telling It Like It Is" in the Indianpolis Recorder:

In actuality, three mail drops were done by the DCCC, total cost $68,400. The mailer was prepared by the Baughman Co. of San Francisco whose slogan is "We create direct mail that's got attitude." An estimated 150,000 mailers were sent, enough to reach just 54.7 percent of the 7th District's 274,000 households.

Brown, who is normally the first to scream racism, didn't seem much bothered by the use of the targeted, racist mailings against Dickerson because they were for the benefit of Rep. Julia Carson. As you may recall, some voters reported receiving three of the negative mailers over a 2-3 day period last week, while other voters received none of the mailers. Voters who received no mailings tended to live in areas that were predominantly African-American.

According to a Campaigns & Elections article from 1999, the Baughman Company, which did the DCCC mailer against Dickerson, is one of several firms capitalizing on the growing use of direct mail pieces. The article reported that political party committees had "found in recent years that targeted, quiet programs can be implemented 'below radar' without a lot of media attention." "As voter turnout has declined in recent years, the ability to mobilize and to segment voter participation has become crucial," Campaign & Elections reported.

Apparently, racially-motivated mailers are part of this company's forte. Describing a recent direct mail piece by the San Francisco firm, the magazine said: "This mailer, 'We're going to kick your ass,' was designed as part of a GOTV effort to galvanize black voters in Atlanta and surrounding areas to vote for the Democratic ticket. Produced by The Baughman Company, San Francisco, Calif." Controversy over direct mail pieces sent out by the Baughman Company during the 2004 election in a San Francisco Supervisor's election resulted in a restraining order against the company. The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Judge A. James Robertson II ruled that the glossy mailers -- one of which displayed a swastika and called Sandoval intolerant -- violated campaign finance laws because they did not contain a disclaimer revealing who had paid for the literature."

Rep. Carson and her campaign denied any knowledge or involvement with the DCCC mailings, but the content of it simply aped the same attack Carson first leveled against Dickerson in a meeting of the Star editorial board in late September during which she accused him of being a wife beater based on a 15-year-old unproven police report. Both Dickerson and his wife denied that domestic violence had taken place. Rep. Carson's winning margin in this year's election was one of her smallest in recent elections. She defeated Dickerson by about 10,000 votes, receiving 72,983 votes to Dickerson's 62,903 votes, a margin of 53.6% to 46.2%.


Wilson46201 said...

Four years ago in a damn expensive race in the new 7th CD, the turnout was about 10,000 greater, divided equally Dem/Rep. The Libertarian siphoned several thousand votes away from Brose McVeigh. Congresslady Julia Carson won that battle too. In 2004 Horning spent way less than Dickerson and still achieved about the same success of Dickerson.

I hope Dickerson enjoyed his $1500 Victory Celebration Tuesday night!

My comment will undoutedly be followed by multiple anonymous comments from Dickerson supporters. Ashamed to use your real names?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The difference in spending by Dickerson and Horning is negligible. Horning spent $25,000, and Dickerson spent less than $60,000. Your lady's independent expenditure from the DCCC alone topped that amount--in addition to the more than $300,000 she spent. The negative DCCC mailers probably contributed to the depressed voter turnout. That was part of their purpose afterall. Amos Brown falsely claims that a huge black turnout saved Carson. The black and white voter turnout was actually down over previous elections.

Anonymous said...


Tell Punk46201 to get his own blogsite.

If the Republican Party had sent out a mailer with a distorted picture of Julia Carson like the one in another race, Amos Brown and the Ghetto Mafia would have called a press conference and blasted the Republicans as racist big time. Carson supporters would have worn out these blogs demanding and apology.

I don't know why Wilson is worried about Dickerson, he will be running a second time.

Richard Lugar ran against Birch Bayh statewaide in 1974 and in 1976 defeated Vance Hartke for U.S. Senate.

The Democrat Party plays the race card and it works for uneducated African Americans who do not question motives. 2008 will be a different year for elections.

Anonymous said...

Dickerson intrigued many this year; he cannot win in 2008. It's a Democratic district, Jocelyn, by about 55.5-44.5.

And Julia won't be the nominee next time.

I'll do a voter turnout analysis next week when I can get precinct totals. But a rough look shows exactly what it usually does: the outer townships probably voted anywhere from 42-60%, and Center probably voted 20-24%.

Ask Melina Kennedy how she'd feel today if Center had just gotten to 40%. Yet lazy ass Center Township rules the Democratic's all smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

We will see who the candidates are first, that will determine who will get elected especially the African Americans.

Wilson46201 said...

Once again Jocelyn shows her true hateful colors by calling me "punk46201" - 'punk' is a well-known offensive term used against gay males - yet Jocelyn seems to be such a welcome commentator (both anonymously and under one of her names) in this Blog run by a Gay Republican. This is after she even screamed FAGGOT at me after a political event!

It looks like in the interest of Julia-bashing that gay-baiting is now accepted here. How low can AI go? Open alliance with Eric Miller? At least Gary and Eric sure agreed on Dickerson as their chosen candidate!

indyernie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
indyernie said...

Wilson get over it, we have. Carson knew and endorsed the negative campaigning. Next time everyone will know, she's a liar and a cheat. "Please don't go negative Eric, I won't I promise", yea right. And whoever the candidate is will know, she can't be trusted. 70 years old or not, next time the gloves need to come off. That lying old lady deserves everything that comes her way.
And Wilson you need to get over this too. I'm sure Jocelyn isn't the first to call you a faggot. You sound like some little girl on a playground crying... because a little boy took her ball. Jezz you’re a grown man, act like it. As in the words of Julia Carson "stop it, that's enough",... now grow up.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry Wilson. You're the first person I've ever heard equate punk to an anti-gay slur. I could think of a lot of things to call you, and they would all be much worse than that and well-deserved. Eric Miller didn't have a thing to do with Dickerson's campaign. Once again, the truth escapes you. Being truthful is obviously something that is foreign to you.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I chose not to move into Marion County when I moved back to the Indianapolis area. It has been eight years since I lived here, and the place has just been going down hill. At least the dems that ran the show in the NY area seemed to have a clue... here they are just clueless and completely incompetent. Mayor Bart uses daddy's millions to prop himself and his cronies up, Monroe Gray uses the CCC as his own private club, Julia uses taxpayer dollars to support her own Ruth Lilly-esque retirement to the pasture, Frank Anderson gets a free ride while watching the city set records in murders and crime, and everyone sits around while the Corner redecorates his own house with money from poor dead people and unwitting taxpayers. And the pathetic newspaper sits around and watches it all without saying a word. Long live the Daley -- I mean Peterson -- machine! At least the Colts are moving in the right direction!

Wilson46201 said...

Two antigay slurs in one thread against me. Gary, get out in the Black community sometime - you'd know damn well "punk" is antigay.

You have sunk so low - Ernie chastises me for being called FAGGOT - I havent heard that word used since 1992 - it is so odious I can recall the usage!

Like I said Gary - when you started your pathological Julia-bashing, you started consorting with the rightwing homophobes and whackos. When a gay man has to put up with such antigay shit with the seeming approval of a gay moderator - that Blog has sunk to the level of the worst elements of society.

Wilson46201 said...

Eric Miller gave Eric Dickerson in his mass-distributed "Voters Guides" an almost perfect score "marred" only by Dickersons silence against gay marriage. YOU mentioned it in passing - I looked it up in detail. Dont try to tell me Eric Miller had nothing to do with Dickersons campaign - he gave it his blessing and approval, just like you.

AdvanceAmerica and AdvanceIndiana, partners in Julia-bashing and Dickerson-approval! With the antigay slurs here today, LGBT folk will fell as welcome as at a Miller rally...

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, they are not ant-gay slurs. Get over it. I'm sick and tired of your incessant lying and victimization routine. Nobody says worse things about other people on this blog and other blogs than you. You are so pathetic you even resorted to writing on blogs that Joe Lieberman beat his wife. You have no credibility and no moral ground to attack anyone else. Keep it up and you will be barred from commenting further on this site.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The worst anti-gay slurs this past election year were spewed by Carson's campaign against Kris Kiser. You participated whole-heartedly in that endeavor. I exposed your's and the Carson campaign's role in that, and you've been sore ever since. I will expose you at every turn. You've been running around trashing Scott Keller--the biggest supporter of gay rights on the council--and I've exposed you for that. Your big mouth may just have cost Ed Mahern his re-election. Yeah--you ran your mouth off on that one as well--saying you and the Maherns were plotting to run another Mahern family member against Keller in the council races next year. Folks didn't take to kindly to that one and some took it out on Ed.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Wilson say about Tandy: "bat shit crazy", a "sore loser", an arsonist, a failure at everything she's done in her life, and about anything else negative you could say about another person. If I were Tandy, I would have some more choice words for Wilson than "punk." Wilson needs to grow up and stop being the spoiled kid in the sandbox who's always got to be kicking sand in the other kids faces.

Anonymous said...

Wilson is the reason some people no longer read advance indiana. I for one enjoy advance indiana and simply scroll past all wilson comments.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, GET OVER IT! No one cares if you are gay or not. What people care about are issues that you and Julia continue to hide from.

Julia hid, she never dared come out to debate. Julia lied, she knew about the mailers.

Is she going to finally pay the Democras the money she owes them? And lord does she owe them!!

Anonymous said...

AI - Can you please bar people from commenting on your blog. I like reading your blog but am getting very tired of the hate-filled comments about everything but the subject. I would even agree to having you bar my comments so long as I get to read a thoughtful discussion on the issues you have raised. Thank you for putting out this blog.

stAllio! said...

scanning through urban dictionary, it is apparent that "punk" is indeed sometimes an anti-gay slur. (see definitions #8, 15, 18, etc.)

"Originally, jail lingo for a subservient, cuckolded inmate indebted to another for protection and in return obliged to perform favors both of a sexual nature and otherwise."

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Name-calling, they talked about Jesus Christ, and called Him everything but the Son of God. I know who I am, and who's I am.

The blogosphere presents the opportunity for important
Information to be exchanged that otherwise is not reported in the print or electronic media.

Wilson or no other person will define me. I would prefer to have an intelligent dialog on these blogs about important political issues government officials without being personally attacked by Julia Carson's number one puppet for my opinions. But since that is not possible, I will continue to express my opinions like everyone else.

Maybe Wilson's conduct will improve once Julia Carson is retired or dead. Wilson is a non-entity for me. I can deal with him personally off the blog, and I will.

For everyone reading your blog, Wilson is one of the best examples of brainwashed people that employees in Center Township, the precinct committee-persons, and anyone in opposition to members of the Ghetto Mafia have had to endure for the last 20 years. Vicious rumors and character assassinations, home burglaries, vandalism, harassment, intimidation, and getting people fired from jobs. If Wilson wants to go down with the ship, so be it!
Crimes committed against the public and they have gone unpunished.

Personally, I know the tactics of The Ghetto Mafia and I plan to expose them one by one. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Now the election is past, maybe I can have some questions answered about the 7th district congressperson.

Does anyone know the number of earned college credits Julia Carson has? Carson nor Wilson volunteered this during the campaign. What college did she really attend and did she complete any degree programs?

indyernie said...

Wilson all I said was that you need to grow up and get over being called a faggot. I didn't endorse anyone calling you that name. It's just getting old.
Bash all the republicans if it makes you feel better, but quit crying.

And Eric Miller had nothing to do with Eric Dickerson's campaign.

I do find it odd that you don't deny that Carson asked Dickerson not to go negative, and when they had an agreement not too... she did it anyway. Hard to deny the truth...Wilson.

Gary R. Welsh said...

stallio, It's quite a stretch when you have to look that deep into an obscure dictionary to get that kind of a meaning out of the word. I quizzed several gay men on the term last night after Wilson made that claim. None of them associated it as an anti-gay slur. Frankly, it is absurd for him to complain about anything she says about him when he has called her on this very blog "batshit crazy", "laughingstock of Indianpolis politicos", "loser", "harridan", and even worse). He even implied, in a less than subtle way, just yesterday that she burned her own home down. Wilson gets no sympathy from me when it comes to name-calling.

Anonymous said...

AI, wear Wilson's scorn like a badge of honor. He accused Ruth Holladay of libeling Julia Carson in a comment on her blog, using the name "tootsie."

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't believe you guys are still having this debate.

It's over.

The big question on voters' minds should be what Jocelyn will run for next. Maybe she can team up with Bobby Kern again, and they can make a bid for Guv/LG in 2008.

I'd pay big bucks to watch that ticket in action.

indyernie said...

Nothing like hate infested female...
Jen probably thinks I'm referring to Jocelyn.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite familiar with the black community's slangs used regarding gay men. As a matter of fact, I'd match my knowledge of the black community in general, and the black gay world specifically, with Wilson's any day of the week.

And never, ever have I heard the word "punk" used. Other terms are commonly used, such as "sweet," and others not printable.

Linda P. is right. The Wilson-Jocelyn nonsense is over the top.

I once witnessed Julia and Jocelyn tangle, over near Indiana Ave., when both were on the ballot, on Election Day, maybe 20 years ago. And by "tangle" I mean roll in the dirt pull hair screaming at one another. It was a sight to see.

Wilson and his camera were nowhere to be found.

As for the DCCC mailings, Wilson is right about this--Julia could not have had any knowledge whatsoever, or it's a federal offense.

Now, personal knowledge is one thing, but as some of us know all too well, when the heavy Center Township vindictive hand comes down, it's never hers.


Wilson has his strong points. Diplomacy is not one of them. Loyalty is.

This blog has taught me much. Normally, sans Wilson and Jocelyn, you can find some intellegent discourse here.

Same at bilerico and TDW.

And unlike bilerico, I have seen Gary pull the plug if it gets too ugly. That requires some adult supervision.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gary R. Welsh said...

Posting anonymously, Wilson, will not get you around the loss of your commenting privileges on this site.

Anonymous said...

Has it occured to anybody that these mailings went to mostly white areas because that's where Julia needed to catch up? Is it ever possible that these thing are done for pragmatic reasons?

No of course not, it must be based purely on hate.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

My Response to Anonymous 5:00 PM

You are a liar! Who are you undercover and attempting to spin false information on this blog about me?

Another Carson/Wilson supporter.
Wilson is known for doing Julia's dirty work for her so that she will not be blamed.

I have never had a physical altercation with Julia Carson 20 years ago on Indiana Avenue or any other time. More specific, I have never had an exchange of words with her period.

Name the time, date, and place and cause. I am sure that you can check with Julia on this one. First time I have heard this brand new lie. What hole did you crawl out of?

Stupid Wilson: Most heterosexual men and women do not consciously relate to homosexual men and women.
You seem to inject and associate the subject with most of your comments. I am not interested in the subject. Both of our positions have been established on the subject. You need to leave it alone.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jocelyn - we are over you too. You should go to the penalty box.

indyernie said...

The KKK was organized by Nathan Bedford Forrest an officer in the Confederate Army and the Southern Democrats. This happened at the end of the Civil War. The Democrat Party with the support of President Andrew Johnson (a pro-southern Democrat) kept the KKK active throughout the reconsolidation of the USA. This kept African Americans on the plantations post Civil War.
The KKK terrorized African Americans to keep them from registering for the vote. Generations of African Americans resisted registering for the vote because of the KKK and the Democrat Party and the “Black Codes“ put into place by Johnson. The Republicans in the Senate at that time, where the first to overwrite a President.

Do the research, its easy to find. I'll never understand why any African American would align themselves, with the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

Response to Anonymous 8:44 AM:

I don't know who you are and don't care. As far as you getting over me, I am here to stay. If you have a problem with it, drop dead!

It amazes me the number of bloggers who are determined to dictate the policies of this blog for Gary.

Get your own blog if you 're having a problem with guest on this one. We are responding to the subject matter printed by Gary.

Anonymous said...

Jen, hon, you should buy a clue. You know nothing about Marion County politics, the shenanigans of the Ghetto Mafia, et al.

Lord knows that Jocelyn may fly off the handle, but she knows what she's talking about because she was privvy to many a conversation with the "players," most who wouldn't give you the time of day.

Anonymous said...

Democrats Perpetuate Voting Rights Hoax
Fact: Black Americans will not lose the right to vote if the Voting Rights Act of 1965 expires in 2007.

Fact: Black Americans are guaranteed the right to vote by the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution that was pushed through in 1870 by Republicans after the Civil War. That constitutional amendment states: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

Fact: The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed over the strong opposition of Democrats, with more Republicans voting for the act than Democrats. The act was passed to stop the Democrats in the South from denying black Americans their constitutional right to vote, using discriminatory tactics such as literacy tests and the poll tax.

Fact: The Voting Rights Act has been extended several times since it was passed in 1965, and extension of the act now is not in dispute. Some sections are being debated, particularly those regarding printing ballots in languages other than English and the "pre clearance" section. The “pre clearance” section requires Justice Department approval before certain state, counties or districts can make certain changes, including district boundaries. This prior approval is designed to prevent the diluting of the black vote. This disputed section of the Voting Rights Act has created "Majority-Minority" districts. These districts which have a majority of minority voters have become untouchable, creating a harmful condition for black communities.

Hoax: Despite the above facts, Democrats, over the past eight years, have perpetuated the hoax that blacks will loose the right to vote if the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is not extended. Democrats have also played the race card, falsely accusing Republicans of being against extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

indyernie said...

The Dem's had control of the KKK for 100 + years...

they kept the AA's from voting in the south for as long...

say what you can't change history.