Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pence Seizing Opportunity

In the wake of the GOP's colossal meltdown in yesterday's elections, Rep. Mike Pence (R) is seizing on the opportunity to run for Minority Leader according to the Redstate Blog, which is also reporting that Arizona's John Shadegg (R) will seek the Minority Whip post. Observers expect Dennis Hastert to announce shortly he will retire from the GOP's leadership.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Hastert need sto retire from everything. To a fat farm.

He was the walking talking symbol of a bloated federal government. When he opened his mouth to speak on the Foley scandal, nobody believed him.

If the Kerry misstatement hadn't come so close to the election, the Senate close calls wouldn't have bene that close.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Mike Pence!

Anonymous said...

Why are Pence and the ultra-conservative wing of the GOP now going to take this as a mandate that the party lost because the party was not conservative enough? In reality, that had little to do with it. People were frustrated with incumbent arrogance. They actually voted in conservative Democracts, usually running on platforms that more centrist GOP candidates would have won on in the past (without the wave of upset over Iraq). Of course the conservative GOP stalwerts survived -- they are the ones serving in the most gerrymandered districts (for the same reason we see the long-term Dems coming from the most liberal districts). What a disaster that only 10% of all races are even competative. That is the biggest disservice of all to the voters!

Gary R. Welsh said...

The sad part of this election outcome is that the remaining GOP members in Congress are more conservative as a whole than they were prior to this election. Many of the moderates, such as Nancy Johnson, Jim Leach and Clay Shaw, were defeated.