Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Marion County Election Disaster--Votes Missing From 66 Precincts

The Marion County Election Board met in an emergency meeting this morning according to WTHR to try and figure out why memory cards from the voting machines in 66 precincts never made it to the election center to be counted. The loss of the memory cards could impact the outcome in several races, including the tight race between Rep. Ed Mahern (D) and Jon Elrod (R), as well as township races in Lawrence, Warren and Wayne Townships. Doris Ann Sadler thinks election workers might have just been tired and tossed the memory cards in baskets with other election materials. Workers are now rummaging through election garbage to recover the missing memory cards as we write. The paper ballots should still be in the machines. I don't quite know why they don't simply rescan the paper ballots. This really bolsters confidence in our election system.


Anonymous said...

I saw first hand yesterday some of the stunts pulled by officials at the polls thoughtout Indiana. Handing out Campaign litature on the polling sign-in table. Running off campaign workers when they arrived. Party people handing out lunches and the polling site. Polling workers not asking for ID. Pulling up signage and throwing it away while the campaign worker is standing there.

The free lunches were stopped, and polling locations where reported by the media. But other things while reported continued and no reasons where given. Where is the media reporting of these problems? I guess since is disenfranshised Republian votes it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is wrong with providing lunches to poll workers and voters? It was at the polling place, not in a van and used as an incentive to vote anyway. It's not strictly forbidden by law. And the "lunches" were a bologna sandwich and some chips or an apple. Hardly enough to sway a vote.

A church group provided them in appreciation for poll workers and voters.

Don't demonize the day after. It's clear your candidates lost, so you feel som atrange need to make devils out of people who simply wanted to show appreciation.

As for the voter card snafu, I know Doris Ann didn't personally do it, but it's just one more example of a failed clerk's leadership. Thank God she's gone in a few weeks. We cannot afford any more of her leadership.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27 --

Well said!

I hope the ugly and mean-spirited rhetoic we've seen on this blog over the past several months will fade into oblivion. It was unbecomming to this blog and to those who allowed themselves to spew such hatred.

Let's all try to work together.

Anonymous said...

As for the voter card snafu, I know Beth didn't personally do it, but it's just one more example of a failed clerk's leadership. Thank God she's gone in a few weeks. We cannot afford any more of her leadership.

This is what we'll be saying in 4 years. Oh that's right she's going to "fix" all this by ignoring the voter ID law - or at least playing "fast and loose" with it.

Anonymous said...

Lunches to poll workers are fine. I Was in a D polling place the the D's brought food in for us - it was pretty good.

But lunches handed out to voters before they ENTER the polling place is a NO NO regardless of the good intention.

Anonymous said...

1:53 you must be a democrat. You wouldn't be talking like that if you lost. You would be digging your heals in and screaming the whole way.

The lunches were being given to voters. WRONG. I personally saw intimidation and campaign literature within the 5 feet. WRONG.

Anonymous said...

3:16 and 3:24--relax. You'll bust a blood vessel or something.

Lunches to voters is not a huge deal.

You didn't lose because of bologna sandwiches. You lost because of bologna handed out to voters for the last six years by a failed president and his minions: Chaney, Rummy, multiple Treasury secretaries, et al.

If the roles were reversed, and Democrats hollered about some lousy bologna sandwiches provided by a church group in appreciation, you'd say, correctly: lighten up.

Or, continue to focus on bologna sandwiches until next Novembmer 9. Your chances don't look too good next year either.

Anonymous said...

3:36 OK Wilson you can take off the hood now we know its you

Anonymous said...

Lunches to pollworkers is just plain courtesy. (Dems need to learn this since they'll now be running the polls in Marion County. hehe)

Lunches to voters is a FELONY. Nothing too difficult to explain there. (Oh yeah, another thing for Dems in Marion County to learn - THE LAW!)

Meanwhile, Republicans just freed up 900 Election Day volunteers to monitor your felonies. hehe

Anonymous said...

Bologna sandwiches provided to pollworkers and voters by a church, in appreciation, a FELONY? LMAO, 4:16

I suggest you continue to harp that line until late next fall.

We'll wake you when it's over.

By the way, would our newly-re-elected prosecutor like a referral on these ridiculous charges? Why don't we ask him?

Wilson46201 said...

Massive anonymous slanders and lies is strictly a GOP activity on this Blog. It is really shameful the lies and slanders written by the AnonyMice - no wonder they hide their identity - kinda like bank robbers or car-jackers!

Wilson46201 said...

By the way, Dickerson's big issue of "No Park Left Behind" or "300 East" went down massively. Eric lost. Trustee Drummer won 3 to 1. Darla lost 1 to 3.

Voters didnt give a damn about such a phony issue ...

Anonymous said...

300 East Bar/Restaurant lease is still being investigated. Don't celebrate too soon over this one.

The case is not closed yet. Broken laws, how many more over the next 4 years by Democrat officeholders?

Anonymous said...

4:16 writes:
Lunches to voters is a FELONY. Nothing too difficult to explain there. (Oh yeah, another thing for Dems in Marion County to learn - THE LAW!)

Well this appears to be wrong (or WRONG) if you prefer. While it's illegal to give people property to vote in a certain way (duh), it does not appear to be illegal to just give voters property.

Feel free to provide a cite to THE LAW if you disagree.

Anonymous said...

Lunches to voters at the polls is considered a bribe for their vote. It used to be 1/2 pints of booze and five dollars per vote. Reason liquor stores are closed until 6:00 PM. State law, oh, I forgot, Democrats don't follow the law.

Anonymous said...

Interference with Free and Equal Elections.
Citation-Indiana Code 3-14-3

Please read the whole chapter, this section refers to bribes 3-14-3-19

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how, with the murder rate at an all time high in Indianapolis, the prosecutor's race could become so contested but the Sheriff's race was not? Isn't Sheriff Anderson the chief law enforcement officer for the entire city & county now? Isn't he in charge of policy for fighting crime, policing the streets, and protecting our citizens? What a disgrace! That should have been a highly targeted race by the GOP!

indyernie said...

If 300 opens... this White boy will be in there everyday...for lunch or dinner (and a beer) with my camera. I'm gonna pull a Wilson. And if Drummer, Duncan and Lacy don't like it they can kiss my ass.

Wilson46201 said...

as privately leased space, if the proprietors of 300 East do not choose to allow somebody to photograph inside that establishment, they are quite within their rights to expel such an offender. Anybody who behaves lawfully will be welcome to spend money. Ernie may be a jerk but his cash is just as green as anybody else!

Anonymous said...

Wilson Allen:

Have you become the spokesperson for 300 East Bar/Restaurant now?
I would suggest you limit your comments on this blog since this illegal deal remains under investigation and has not been approved by the neighborhood association.