Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Polls Open With Half Of Machines Not Working

Voting machines were not working in at least half of Marion County's precincts after polls opened this morning because election workers forgot how to start the machines. The Star reports:

Marion County officials are facing widespread problems bringing new electronic voting machines online this morning.

County Clerk Doris Ann Sadler said the problems involve about half of the county’s 914 precincts. The problem, she said, is that poll workers have forgotten how to start and run the machines.

Paper ballots are being used where machines are not working, the clerk said. She said 50 technicians are going from precinct to precinct to get the machines working. That process, she said, will take several hours to complete.

Sadler said she expected some problems and does not see serious issues at this point because people can still vote.

This is really sad. The machines aren't that complicated.

UPDATE: You're not going to believe this. Matt Tully is reporting that Rep. Julia Carson's first ballot had to be voided this morning by election workers because she filled in her party's symbol rather than the corresponding oval. This woman has been running for political office for decades and has served as a precinct committeeperson and still hasn't figured out how to cast a straight party ballot? Unbelievable. If she can't cast a simple election ballot correctly, how can she cast the thousands of votes she must make as a member of Congress on matters important to the voters of her district? A WTHR videotape of Carson voting this morning shows Carson unable to vote without the assistance of another person. This isn't even funny. Why is the media covering up her true condition?


Wilson46201 said...

Lest we forget: it was the disgraced, indicted and resigned Bob Ney, Republican of Ohio, who carried the HAVA legislation that imposed a lot of this tomfoolery upon us...

Anonymous said...

The Web page that the city has to find where you go to vote is not giving correct info.

For district 18 and 62 it shows the wrong building and wrong address.

One would think that someone would have verified that the correct infomation was on the web page.

Anonymous said...

At my voting place this morning, there are five precincts.

There were FIVE different explanations offered of the Voter ID law.

There were four different explanations provided of the straight ticket/split ticket options.

I know these are volunteers, but damn...by 8 a.m. there were 76 voters in my precinct, and similar numbers in the other four.

So, over 300 voters by 8 a.m. had varying explanations of these laws.

It's a disgrace. Yeah, I reported it to the Election Board.

It won't get changed.

Anonymous said...

The really sad part is that neither Tully nor anyone else at the Star nor anyone else in the Indianapolis media was willing to report on Carson's mindlessness before the polls opened. There have been plenty of examples reported on various blogs and witnessed directly by many of us, and yet, even with media at those events, nothing reported. I'm not sure that reflects bias, but it is definitely journalistic malpractice.

Anonymous said...

Journalistic Malpractice. Hummmmmmm. Malfeasance?

What a great idea.

Tully: Guilty. Death penalty-guilty.

Schneider: Hung jury...verdict still out. Much Kudos for past service; AWOL since at least 2004. Sadly.

Shella: Guilty. Mindemeanor, credit for time served (his weekly show gets him slightly off the hook) (Only slightly, AI--don't have a stroke)

All electronic media reporters: Guilty. First degree guilty. how no mercy. Life sentences--elsewhere. Get a fresh crew and new news/assignment editors.

Amos Brown: Guilty in a wierd way; so biased he repulses. Death penalty guilty.

Abdul: Not Guilty. State ordered to pay his legal fees.

RiShawn: No Bill. Prosecutor and RiShawn duked it out in a pre-grand jury conference. Each agreed to go his separate way.

I will go to my grave not understanding how an incumbent Congresswoman's mental lapse on televised Q/A show is not reported elsewhere. Just astounding. And there were two "journalists" sitting right there.

In any media market with C-plus reporters, this would've been page one above the fold for days until the Congresswoman explained herself, and, provided (mental) health records to prove she is capable of serving. It'd be possible, because while her other health problems may be private, and may or may not affect her ability to serve, the meltdown was obviously viewed by many, and thus, questions about her mental accuity are fair game. Completely.

Oh, yeah, I've been wanting to say this for weeks, but now I can, safely:



God that felt good.

stAllio! said...

is that link right? i'm looking at that page, and it doesn't include the passage you quoted. it does have some stuff about problems with voting machines in delaware county, but nothing about marion county.

Gary R. Welsh said...

They are continuously updating the story at this link. The earliest entries from this morning are no longer there.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Stallio, I saw what you wrote over on your blog. You claim that I flat out made up the passage I quoted from the Star this morning. Thanks for confirming the true person you are. I don't expect I'll be getting an apology from you either. As Doug explained to you, the Star has continuously updated and the first posts this morning are no longer there, but you're not really interested in the truth--only an opportunity to make another false claim against me. You are really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I watched two people leave a southside precinct without being afforded the right to vote. They were told since thier license didn't match the address they had that they couldn't vote. I asked why they couldn't vote provisionally and they said they had called election headquarters and they said they weren't eligible to vote. . even though they hadn't moved to different districts. When it was my turn my address didn't match (I moved to a different apartment within the same complex). At first I was simply told I wasn't allowed to vote, to which I replied I would like to speak to the election division downtown. She proceed to call them. They didn't ask for my name, where I had moved to or from, they told her to let me vote on a regular ballot. First and foremost, there were two people who were flat out denied the right to vote. Secondly, could I (or the other two who weren't allowed to vote) produced an ID that did not have our home address on it, we would never have been questioned. I just think that the different answers coming from the election division are disgraceful. They should get their shit together and at least give everyone the same answers. . I wish I knew the two who were denied the right to vote. If they would have called the election division enough times they would have probably gotten the answer they wanted to hear. . .

Anonymous said...

"Stallio, I saw what you wrote over on your blog. You claim that I flat out made up the passage I quoted from the Star this morning. Thanks for confirming the true person you are. I don't expect I'll be getting an apology from you either."

What? No he didn't -- he wondered if the link you provided had changed or was wrong. He never said you made anything up. Paranoid much?

Anonymous said...

stallio wrote: "strangely, the story he linked to not only doesn't include this passage, but it doesn't include anything even remotely similar."

Everytime I visit stallio's site he's bashing AI for something. It's clear to my what he was implying. The disappearing entries are now back up, which confirms AI's earlier point.