Friday, November 10, 2006

Neighborhood Association Compromised

The leadership of the Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood Association has obviously been compromised as a result of the handy work of the proponents of the 300 East bar at the Julia Carson Government Center. Recall that at the last meeting of the Association the group's interim president, Clara Warner, refused to take a vote on it in the face of stiff opposition, deferring the matter to this month's meeting. Will Higgins reports in the Star today that Al Polin chaired a meeting last night and declined to discuss it, saying the matter was still on the table. "It's still on the table," said Al Polin, who chaired the association's monthly meeting. "But it's not on the agenda tonight, because their attorneys are making some changes, so we have to wait to see what they come up with."

The 300 East attorney from Ice Miller, Tim Ochs, refused to provide comment to Higgins, and he did not attend the meeting. If the name Al Polin sounds familiar, there is a reason for it. The children's park that was leveled to make room for a parking lot for the employees of 300 East was named after Polin. There have been reports that the proponents provided assurances to encourage city officials to rename another--even better park after him--if he didn't oppose their efforts. It's quite apparent that the current leadership of the neigbhorhood association does not in any way reflect the sentiment of the neighbors they supposedly represent, who made clear their opposition to the bar at the last meeting.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Carl Drummer's World, surreal tho it is.

We all have to march to the beat of his drum.

Pay no attention to the gazillionaire behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

The hell with the community! Why ask for permission if you are already using the bar?

Wilson46201 said...

Recall that on Tuesday an election was held: Drummer won 3 to 1 in the township. The vocal GOP team running against the restaurant was trounced 3 to 1. Perhaps looking at the election results in the 3rd & 4th Wards would be illuminating as to neighborhood attitudes. I'll bet Drummer won much better than 3 to 1 in the neighborhoods adjacent to the restaurant.

The peanut gallery here has its opinions - the voters have theirs and have ignored this brouhaha stirred up by some Republicans for partisan purposes.

Anonymous said...

Just because you win an election doesn't make something right.

Wilson46201 said...

And just because you have an opinion doesnt make something wrong or right. The neighborhood affected spoke resoundingly at the polls about the restaurant: "It aint no thing but a chicken wing!"

Anonymous said...

I ain't got no nickel in that dime - Julia Carson

Anonymous said...

Funny, I didn't see a 300 East referendum question on the ballot.

Wilson, you're the only one I heard trying to get traction off this issue for the election. Eric Dickerson held a press conference, and it went no where. He quit trying. He never should have tried to politicize it, and he quit trying when it failed. Notso Wilson.
You beat the dead horse for two months or more.

Regardless what happens--the arrogance displayed by the investors, and the trustee--is nothing short of outrageous.

Quit making it a Dickerson-Carson issue, Wilson. That question is resolved. It's over. Move on already.

I wouldn't personally care if the neighborhood association voted 100-0 to support this bar. The process was poisoned and corrupted. I'll grant that Miss Carson has no jurisdiction--real or imagined--over this issue.

But her proteges were all over it.

And the chief investor ended up in jail for DUI.

If this happened elsewhere, say, in Broad Ripple, and all the proponents were Republicans who had subverted the process, you and your crowd would be screaming bloody murder.

And ya know what? You'd be right.
Try some balance and objectivity, Wilson. It works even for folks like you.

Wilson46201 said...

You dont listen to radio: the local GOP was running heavily a single spot with a gossipy womans voice talking about Democrats "putting a bar in a government building, lining their own pockets..." This was the ONLY advertisement the Center Township Republican candidates used. The ONLY one.

I didnt bring up E.D. here -- Dickerson realized he was getting no traction on this Township zoning issue for a Congressional cmpaign - he wisely dropped it.

It was precisely the Center Township GOP that tried to use this as their SOLE platform - voters rejected them and their issue bigtime: 3 to 1. To use Bush's term: it was an accountability moment: Trustee Drummer won. Vox populi and all that.

Anonymous said...

Wilson you just don't get it, do you?

Your cronies tried to cook the books.

It's pathetic. Their petition should be defeated. It probably won't be...too many connected cronies.

But I assure you this: neighborhood associations all over the county have taken up two causes celebre this year, with an interst level I've never seen: the 300 East fiasco and the Whole Foods Kite Development Case up north.

In each case, the process was completely subverted. In each case, the DMD's hearing ofifcer, Judy Conley, didn't know her rear end from a hole in the ground.

So--why do you suppose now, fir the first time ever, hearing officer cases are being televised on Ch. 16? It's because neighborhoods all over the county were getting almost no satisfaction from the hearing officer process. The DMD staff was mystified, but their hands were tied because of who she is.

At the first such televised hearing a few weeks ago, Ms. Conley was so thrilled at the cameras, it is alleged she changed clothes during a break.

So, you see, she doesn't get it either.

I think the Mayor does. I know the Council has heard from constituents county-wide. Ms. Conley should go. The DMD should return to the Comprehensive Plans, not as a Bible, pardon the comparison, but as a strong guide.

And you, Wilson, should get a life.
The vox populi thing was NOT about 300 was about the glories of straight-ticket voting.

Say, how was that Center Township vote? About 26%? Don't all you Center Township Dems feel good right about now, about the deep-sixing your GOTV "effort" gave to your prosecutor candidate?

I'll bet the countywide average, which was 35% or so, was pulled down substantially, again, by Center, because you guys win your township offices by 10 a.m. each election day. God forbid you should help the rest of the county ticket by adding to the margins.

If you'd get that number up to 40%, it's another, oh, 8,000 votes or so. And how much was the prosecutor margin?

But that would require effort, and you're on here all day...or babysitting Mae.

Wilson46201 said...

Talking about percentage turnout is known to be silly by serious political observers. The number of registered voters is egregiously swollen by many years of non-purging by the Republicans in charge of the Election Board. Ward 2, Precinct 1 gets vigorously covered by registrars so that by now there are more voters on the official lists than human beings according to the Census! Many of those folk have moved elsewhere so the turnout isnt necessarily that good using that flawed calculation process. Despite the fevered hallucinations of hysterical Republicans, these departed citizens dont return to vote. But thanks for playing!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, a purge of the voters statewide resulted in tens of thousand being taken off the rolls in Marion County. Take a look at the vote in the 7th District. The people voting in the congressiona. district race is way, way below the number of votes cast in the state's 8 other congressional districts. You see the same thing in the state legislative races.

Wilson46201 said...

Marion County has 613,881 registered voters - the last Census lists 781870 humans including about 25% below voting age. This works out to having approximately every adult in Indianapolis being registered to vote - that sounds very unlikely. Very.

Even making that assumption of total registration, approx 1/3 of all adults in Indpls voted on Tuesday. This is an off-year election so lower turnout is to be expected.

Of the politically active and aware voters in Center Township, the overwhelming majority were totally unconcerned about the GOP candidates and their issues. Drummer and other Democrats were selected 3 to 1. As Bush would say "That's a thumpin' !"

Wilson46201 said...

fwiw, I checked the 2002 7th CD results which was an bigtime expensive battle: about 146,000 voters turned out. This year so far its 136,000 - only a 10K fall-off. This fall-off is about equally split Dem/GOP.

In 2002, CDs 1,3 & 4 had comparable # of voters to the 7th - the others were higher by about 30% - interesting!

Anonymous said...


Wilson is not a spokesperson for Mapleton/Fall Creek

I attended the Mapleton/Fall Creek meeting last night. The 300 Bar/Restaurant has not been approved. We were told the attorneys are making changes in the language in the petitions filed, and they will be making another presentation before we vote. It is not going to be a bar or a private club.

The election results on Tuesday have nothing to do with the attitude of the property owners around the building. Wilson needs to concern himself with his own dilapidated community. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Statistically, Center Township predominantly votes Democrat, no surprise to anyone. Of course they won on Tuesday. The Carson/dickerson race; low numbers. About 68% of the voters did not bother. A close race but, no over whelming record breaking numbers for Carson.

The voters statewide elected a divided government. Secretary of State, Treasurer and Auditor are Republicans. Split ticket voting is evident. Now that the Dems have control, they will have themselves to blame next election.

Wilson46201 said...

The above 5:46pm comment was definitely from Jocelyn under cover of anonymity. Her candidates were trounced - her big issue was ignored by the voters. She does not speak for any neighborhood whatsoever. Who knows where Tandy lives this month? She does have to move around a lot - I've been living in my Eastside neighborhood for 30 years now.

I do know that in the Wards surrounding 300 East, Drummer was re-elected overwhelmingly. Republicans were skunked - their issues were ignored.

Wilson46201 said...

According to the TeeVee, Ed Mahern now is only 9 votes behind - was Doris Ann trying to steal an election by ineptitude, incompetence and cluelessness?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Believe it or not, Hoosiers cast more than 20,000 more votes for Republican congressional candidates than they did for Democratic congressional candidates. In other words, a majority of Hoosiers voted for a Republican Congress.

Anonymous said...

Percentages are silly, huh, Wilson?

OK, let's talk numbers...

Center Township total voters in 06 appears to be down from 02.

And most veteran political observers in this county know, that the burgeoning Dem populations in Washington, Pike, eastwern Wayne and elsewhere, are turning out in much larger ratios than the lazy Center Twp. Dems.

Pitch in and find a few more voters in your own damned precinct next time, Wilson. They are needed to combat the Perry Township nonsense.

Wilson46201 said...

Nationwide, Democrats got 32,000,000 votes - Republicans got 24,000,000. We dont elect Congresscritters statewide just like we dont elect Senators nationwide. Aint the Constitution great?

Anonymous said...

Property owners ar more concerned with the values of their homes than they are with having a bar in their residential neighborhood. Let all of the alcoholics move into your neighborhood Wilson and tear up property while they are under the influence.

Everyone is not an alcoholic or a drunk. Liquor stores and bars are not the most important issue to family oriented taxpayers. Safe neighborhoods are.

I bet you and Julia can't wait to have cocktails together in the building while you are planning your next smear campaigns in the 2007 elections.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Insecure Wilson Allen:

If you have information about the arson fire to my residence, why don't you comment on that. It appears that you have been meddling in everyone's affairs.

If not, shut up about my residence, or maybe you had something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

For the record, my candidates won.
It is none of your business who I supported on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wilson and Mae live in the same place. Central State Hospital and it has ben closed for years.

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn's house burned 20 years ago - the insurance company refused to pay her because it was "torched" - Jocelyn has been blaming Julia Carson ever since! Poor Jocelyn, nobody has ever believed her but she's still lashing out...

This last election was the usual complete fiasco for Ms. Tandy - she jinxed the entire GOP ticket except for Brizzi!

Anonymous said...

Wilson how do you know so much about an unsolved arson fire? Be careful, the case is till opened.
I know you don't have all of the details about it. If you do, maybe I should send an investigator to your door.

If you were burned out of your home, I am sure you would be squeeling like a skinned hog on these blogs.

Anonymous said...

AI, you need to get Wilson off his broken record or ban him from the site.

I haven't seen such a pathetic regurgitation of the same old crap in years. And now he's accusing her of arson. Wilson, you're just sad.

It's over, Wilson. Your gal won. Hooray already. It was never about 300 East, or Jocelyn. The bar is relevant in the future, she's not.

Get over it already.

You're not a very gracious winner. I'd hate to see you if you lose.

Wilson46201 said...

At least I use a consistent name here - I am not unknown in Indianapolis. AI should ban all anonymous whiners who hurl personal insults yet are too cowardly to take responsibility.

"300 East" was an issue in the elections in Center Township - voters rejected its opponents decisively better than 3 to 1. Some folk just want to flog a dead horse about 300 East. Voters have moved on past that partisan kerfuffle.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The voters said nothing about their feeling on 300 East, Wilson. Nobody even knows who the hell the township candidates are on the ballot. They strictly vote the party of their choice, irrespective of who the candidates are. That's why it's high time we eliminated these useless relics of a bygone era. They are nothing but a center of corruption and patronage. They provide absolutely no services that the county or city couldn't do a better job performing.

Anonymous said...

All I know is this: On election day, I could not make myself darken the ballot circle for either Carson or Dickerson.

The 7th Congressional race was the last one I chose to tackle. I nervously fidgeted, tapping my pencil in agitation.

Finally, I realized a compromise: a write-in vote! So I darkened the write-in circle and penciled in my own name. That's right, I voted for myself rather than give either one of these to my vote and support.

Voters in the 7th district deserved much better than the choices offered on Nov. 7, 2006.

Anonymous said...


Wilson you say you are known. I agree, but for all the wrong reasons. You need to bathe on a regular basis, or is that odor, the odor of corruption.

Maybe Wilson should get his own blog so that he will know the identity of everyone who has a comment. Then he along with the members of the Ghetto Mafia can further harass, intimidate and smear their characters after they express their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 3:33....still post anonymously for that exact reason.

Their retribution is legendary. Wilson doesn't retailate, except to dig up info. He's a pretty gentle soul in that regard.

But Drummer, Duncan, Carson, and the rest of that group...well, they are ruthless.

Wilson46201 said...

It seems Jocelyn and Rick are playing sock-puppet tag-team under the cover of anonymity. What a peculiar way of doing politics: accusations without proof with no responsibility!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ANON 8:44 PM it is time for Wilson to get a blog of his own. We can't seem to have an intelligent debate without him getting personal and name calling bloggers who don't agree with him ot members of The Ghetto Mafia.

Wilson46201 said...

the above cowardly AnonyMouse decries name-calling while using the perjorative term "Ghetto Mafia" - Hypocrisy, thy name is anonymous!

Anonymous said...

If the bar ultimately does open, then the neighborhood needs to picket and protest it. Ultimately they should be taken to task for opening what is obviously a racist bar.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Rick here, Wilson, and you're got me wrong.

I wasn't anywhere near posting this weekend. IU game, Colts game...yeah, one was more fun than the other.

Anonymous said...


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