Wednesday, November 08, 2006

GLBT Hit Hard By Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Eight states had constitutional ballot measures today on same-sex marriage. Only the state of Arizona appeared poised to defeat the ballot measure. Arizonans were voting 48-52% against the amendment there. A close vote was also taking place in South Dakota where the ballot measure was leading 51-49%.

Colorado offered two options to voters. Coloradoans were voting 58-42% in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. At the same time, voters there were disapproving of domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples by a 55-45% margin.

South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin voters were handily approving constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriages. The vote was expected to be close in Wisconsin, but voters there were approving it by a 58-42% margin.

Get ready Indiana. Even with the Democrats taking over the House, likely-Speaker Pat Bauer has promised a vote on Indiana's pending constitutional amendment, saying it wasn't worth the fight. If approved in its current form, it will appear on Indiana's 2008 ballot.


Marti said...

If Pat Bauer is the Speaker, Indiana (and Democrats) will have bigger problems than the constitutional amendment. Bauer is as corrupt as any of em. Brian Bosma and Pat Bauer are two sides of wooden nickel. Both have tons of rhetoric, but little substance. Hopefully the Democratic Party learned something this election cycle. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Let the people decide.

Nothing like an GLBT question to bring out the GOP vote.

Anonymous said...

The key sentence in the post was -- if approved in its current form. That's the rub isn't it? Do you think Democrats really want this thing on the ballot in 2008? Would't it work to their advantage to change it.. and make sure it's not til 2010 at the earliest?

And thanks Hailstone-- I appreciate my life and that of my family being taken as an opportunity for the GOP to rally its rightwing-jobs to the polls. Guess they couldn't stomach you all yesterday.. across the country.. in every section.. in the urban, suburban and rural areas.... maybe it's more than just the gay thing?

Maybe the GOP needs to stop using groups to whack.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Judging by election results in the 8 states where such amendments were on the ballot, it didn't hurt Democrats in the least bit. From the GLBT community's standpoint, the worst thing they could do is take out the second paragraph. Hey, if they're going to discriminate, let them include some unmarried straight couples as well. At least you'll have a chance of getting it knocked down by the federal courts.