Monday, March 14, 2016

Media Shamefully Glorifies Hateful Activist Who Planned To Assault Trump At Ohio Rally

The extent to which the American news media twists the truth to serve an agenda is beyond reproach. A violent, disturbed man who should be in jail facing felony charges today is instead being glorified by our mainstream media for his attempted assault on Donald Trump at an airport rally in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday. Tommy Dimassimo jumped a fence and stormed the podium where Trump was speaking before he was wrestled to the ground by Secret Service agents after coming within feet of reaching Trump. Dimassimo is now claiming he had no intention of causing harm to anyone when he stormed Trump's podium despite numerous posts he made to his Twitter account on which he clearly stated his intentions of doing harm to him.

Dimassimo, a student at Wright State University, has been a professional protester of sorts. The meme of his protests normally fall along the same lines as those of the Black Lives Matter protests where Dimassimo can be seen acting and talking black despite the fact that he's a white man whose mother, Faye Dimassimo, is a prominent Atlanta city official appointed by that city's Democratic mayor. Dimassimo is also an actor who appeared in a number of very bad television shows like "Reno 911" and "House of Payne" as a child. He's co-written and acted in a short film that glorifies the killing of police officers because they're supposedly all racists indiscriminately killing blacks.

In a lengthy interview on CNN yesterday, Martin Savidge didn't once question Dimassimo about his Twitter comments where he made clear he planned to do harm to Trump. Dimassimo promised to "spit on their false king" at the rally in one Twitter post. In another, he promised to make Trump "answer for this and more" tomorrow in reaction to a Trump protester who got a bloody nose while tangling with police at a Trump rally in St. Louis. "I'm at this you know what rally about to do you know what," he Tweeted out from the rally. "And I could not put down my sword when justice was my right," he said moments before attempting to assault Trump.

A Secret Service agent suffered a busted nose while attempting to wrestle Dimassimo to the ground. Another Secret Service agent got knocked to the ground when Dimassimo jumped the fence to storm the stage. Following his arrest, Dimassimo threatened to urinate in the police car unless he was allowed to go to the bathroom. He later tweeted following his arrest and release, "I spit in my hand before I shook yours at the beginning of the rally." It's not clear whether Dimassimo was actually able to shake Trump's hand before the rally. Dimassimo tweeted out "F_ _ _ you bitch" to Trump with a photo of him sticking his tongue out after he got out of jail. Dimassimo had said he gave his car keys to a friend prior to the rally because he knew he would likely get arrested for what he was about to do.

The media's efforts to glorify this sick and twisted individual reminds me of how they glorified a whack job anti-nuclear protester who stormed a stage where Ronald Reagan was speaking in Las Vegas and smashed a crystal award that the former president had been awarded by a broadcasters association before seizing the podium. The incident was a major embarrassment to the Secret Service.


Anonymous said...

Imagine how much differently this would have been handled had it happened to Obama.

Anonymous said...

This Country (especially the media) have been REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR for years. Just imagine if "white lives mattered" or a "move" existed......Where is John Galt?

Flogger said...

Bernie Sanders rallies: Saturday Springfield, Mo 4,800 people, More than 2,000 supporters of Bernie Sanders packed inside Affton High School, Sen. Bernie Sanders returned to North Carolina to rally an estimated 5,000-plus supporters in the final days before the state’s Democratic presidential primary.

SUMMIT, Ill, A huge crowd came out to see the candidate speak for about an hour. As Bernie Sanders arrived on the University of Florida campus around 10:30 a.m., thousands of supporters who had been relaxing and listening to music rushed to the side of the field as the black SUV pulled up into the adjacent parking lot.

These rallies and others by Sanders are ignored by the McMega-Media.

Tommy Dimassimo a looses cannon is lavished with press coverage.

Anonymous said...

Anon 834 you forgot already. The MSM vilified the Joe the plumber in the last election when he DARED to ask BO a question.