Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yikes! Sword-Wielding Physician Tries To Break Into Neighbor's Home

Joseph Galdun
Dr. Joseph Galdun
A St. Vincent Health physician woke up on the wrong side of the bed and the wrong side of the law. Dr. Joseph Galdun tried breaking into his neighbor's north side home on Crystal River Drive around 8:00 a.m. while wielding a sword. The homeowner, Tony Waugh, struck the 44-year old Galdun with a golf club, causing minor injuries to him. Police suspected that Galdun was either intoxicated or suffering from some type of neurological disorder. Galdun was taken into police custody after being treated for minor injuries at the scene. Formal charges have not yet been filed against him. Galdun's Linkedin page indicates that he's been employed by St. Vincent Health as a cardiology specialist since 2001 after earning his medical degree from IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis. Galdun, who has held a license since 1998, has faced no prior disciplinary actions according to state records.

A police officer holds the sword reportedly used for the break-in. (WISH Photo/Kevin Ratermann)
An IMPD police officer shown removing the sword wielded by Galdun (WISH-TV Photo)


Anonymous said...

No big deal. You have to expect this sort of thing when your entire economy is built on booze and pharmaceuticals. Go Indy!

guy77money said...

Ahh golf club against sword - have to remember to pack a five iron under my bed in case of intruders. A wedge might be more deadly but it would be a slower follow through ;) Looks like our dear doctor could be hanging out in St V's stress center!

leon dixon said...

What did Tiger Wood's wife use? She sure did a number on him.

Anonymous said...

stress no doubt brought on by some whiny patient who asked the good doctor a stupid comment like "...but the internet says..."

Unknown said...

Interesting news as I go for my 1st heart Cath. this am. Well docs R supposed 2 be goodles with knives