Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Indiana State Chamber Of Commerce Endorses Young

The Indiana State Chamber of Commerce is throwing its support in the Republican primary Senate race to U.S. Rep. Todd Young over U.S. Rep. Marlin Stutzman. Here's the full statement released by the business organization:
The Indiana Chamber is endorsing Congressman Todd Young (R-IN, 9th District) in his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. The announcement was made today at a press conference at Indiana Chamber headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.
“We believe Todd Young is the most qualified and most economic-minded individual running for the Senate seat,” said Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “He has repeatedly demonstrated sound fiscal policy and prudent decision-making on issues that are vital to jobs and economic growth.”
Brinegar further emphasized Young’s engagement with the business community and his focus on economic, fiscal and regulatory issues.
“After he was appointed to the Ways and Means Committee, the congressman sought substantial feedback on potential federal tax reforms and what would have the most impact on Hoosier companies and their employees. He listened to our members – through personal conversations and a survey – using their insights to help form his pro-economy agenda.”
The Indiana Chamber’s nonpartisan congressional action committee, comprised of volunteer business leaders from around the state, determined Young’s endorsement.
At both the state and federal levels, Indiana Chamber endorsements are driven by vote scores on pro-jobs, pro-economy issues. For state endorsements, the Indiana Chamber relies on its Legislative Vote Analysis report. Congressional endorsements are based on a combination of the U.S. Chamber’s own vote scores and an analysis of votes on Indiana Chamber federal policy positions.
Representatives of the U.S. Chamber, which also is supporting Young’s campaign, joined the Indiana Chamber for the press event.
Does the Chamber's endorsement help or hurt Young?


Anonymous said...

Duh Star has a story today on the Chamber endorsing a candidate for the open Senate seat. They are taking sides in the Republican Primary and holding their November options open. One ought to point out first, this organization is not conservative but will use conservatives. Lots of conservatives, however, have figured out that the dance doesn't match the dance steps and the caller of the tunes can't be trusted. "The Indiana Chamberpot is a secretive organization, for one. For another, it is not representative of Indiana businesses. The endorsement of a sodomy selling sinister group of secretive string pullers (in my opinion) counts for very little. Were I running for the Senate I'd flee the embrace of this tar baby outfit. NFIB has some 14,000 plus members all across Indiana usually people who own their businesses (unlike Chamberpot hirlings) so their endorsement might be worth much just as that of Indiana Right to Life is. Sodomy Sellers represent amoral corporations-a very unattractive group.
Leon Dixon As for the national Chamber guy messing around Indiana attempting to sell unlimited immigration, legal or illegal, "These "Chambers" are usually the last people to find out that they are not appreciated. It might not occur to them that both Trump and Cruz, for example, are doing very well indeed by being in opposition to Chamberpot policies. Breaking the rules for the candidate who can't count is typical "establishment" as is hiding the names and addresses of the Indiana Chamber Board of Directors so that the public finds it difficult to find out just who these miscreants are......heck, even the Star has Star Chamber meetings where the selling of sodomy is plotted in secrecy. Money isn't going to decide this election in Indiana....we are not for sale (even if it appears one seat in Congress appears to be)-see Jeb Bush."

leon Dixon said...

There used to be a gang what couldn't shoot straight. Young is a precursor of Republican Common Core Math...he can't count past 500 even using all of his appendages and even using those of the Chamber of Commerce whose members likely tossed a good part of his $3,000,000 backing his way. Boy, when his signatures came up short there was weeping and gnashing of teeth and so the call went out to find a "fix" for this stupidity Republicans have a lot of "fixing" to do-seems like they fix more of their stuff for us than we credit them for......all their noise never seems to increase the common man's take home pay....very often their programs reduce it or, more carefully, do not allow it to grow.
So, Young has cast his lot with the sodomy sellers who can't count either. I'm pretty sure voters will be reminded about feckless republicans, spineless ones, amoral ones who seemingly have a lot in common with the State Chamber sorts of people. I don't see that association being popular in Indiana especially when voters will be given (and not denied by Republicans) a vote.

Sir Hailstone said...

It's all about keeping the strings to the Quayle connections in DC intact.

Anonymous said...

"The Indiana Chamber’s nonpartisan congressional action committee...." YEAH, right!

Anonymous said...

Oh, 11:48 and 12:02. You had me at "sodomy sellers." I'm really not much of a match maker, but I can see the two of you going down the aisle together in wedded bliss. You're just two peas in a pod. I can't get enough of you trashing the "feckless" Republicans; what fun. But if you hate the Republicans, and you hate the sodomites, won't you be cold and lonely? If only Breitbart was still alive.

Anonymous said...

The Quayle connections? Is that like the Bayh connections? The Lugar connections? The Coates connections? Come to think of it, there are no influential politicians from the State of Indiana that are still in the State of Indiana.

Pete Boggs said...

Wouldn't that be the Indiana Slave Chamber... of Reimburse...?

LamLawIndy said...

Neither. I was planning on voting for Marlin since Marlin announced.

Anonymous said...

The anti-worker agenda of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is one good reason not to send low-wage Young to Washington for 6 years.