Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Super Tuesday For Clinton And Trump

It will take an indictment that a legitimate Justice Department would have already brought against Hillary Clinton to stop her from winning the Democratic nomination for president. Bernie Sanders managed to pick up four wins tonight in Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Vermont, but Clinton won the lion's share of states tonight, including the big states. She racked up large winning margins in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. She's also leading in Massachusetts. Her wins give her at least a 2-1 advantage in the all-important delegate race when you include the super delegates. Without those votes, she has about a 100-delegate vote lead.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has scored at least six wins today, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia. He holds a narrow lead over John Kasich in Vermont. Ted Cruz gets a big win in his home state of Texas and a narrow victory in neighboring Oklahoma. Marco Rubio gets his first victory tonight with a decisive win in the Minnesota Caucus. Trump is expected to win the only other Republican vote tonight in Alaska. Trump is well ahead of Cruz and Rubio in the delegate race, but he's still well short of what he will need to claim victory in the GOP nomination race. He'll have about 1/5 of the total delegates he'll need to win after today's voting. Republican caucus votes today in Alaska have not reported yet.

UPDATE: Cruz gets a surprise, narrow victory in Alaska over Trump with Rubio in a very distant third. Here's the current delegate breakdown for both parties:




Anonymous said...

Just a couple of observations...

1. The Dems are in serious trouble if (a) the Republican establishment decides to throw in the towel and back Trump and (b) the inevitable indictment against the she-witch comes.

2. Oklahoma is a suburb of Texas, both in terms of geography and thought process. More telling were Cruz's single digit finishes in more balanced states.

3. Minnesota is one weird state. Having lived there, I can honestly say that they do this sort of thing just to be noticed. It's a Midwestern thing...hey, we can be weird like California. Rubio? Way to back a loser, dontcha know?

Anonymous said...

Surprise win in Alaska?

"A Cruz firewall is an Idaho, an Alaska..."

Feb 20, 2016, the smartest poster on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Forget trumps vulgarity or brash narcissistic personality. Look at his record.

He has routinely donated to dems. He has praised obama and hillary. He inherited a business and filed bankruptcy four times along the way. Forbes has already shown he would have more money had he simply took inherited money and invested in stock market.

He started a university that was a scam. hired hundreds of illegals to build his hotels. he started trump mortgage company months before the mortgage crisis.

he runs a campaign now based on generics and a slogan.

he continually comments about making deals with biden, pelosi and dems.his polls show hillary beating him. i can't think of much worse person to represent gop. i get it. people are tired of establishment. but electing trump is going to backfire bigtime.

he could easily be running as hillary's VP he's that far left. but hey, comments about rounding up 11 million illegals shipping them out then letting them come back is all it takes to get gullible voters on his side.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that Hillary never worked in the Reagan administration. Perhaps then an indictment would have been more likely; after all weren't there more than 30 of the Reagan administration that was indicted?

Gary R. Welsh said...

That's when we still had an independent counsel law, anon. 9:32. They repealed that law and now the political hacks who run the Justice Department cover up and protect the criminals running our government.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the delusional doctor with "gifted hands" still believes he can win; as does the suave Cuban from Florida. As for the other Cuban (from Texas), he's a right-wing, religious nut. With regards to Trump, I'm not uncertain that he entered the Republican contest as a means to destroy the Party. If this is his motive, then this makes me one happy individual. Suffer in Hell GOP.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I agree with what Edward Snowden tweeted out:

"2016, a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs."

LamLawIndy said...

Based on past performance, the math doesn't add up to a majority of delegates for Trump, even IF he sweeps the WTA states. Looks like it'll go to the Convention! This hasn't happened since I was 1 year old!

Flogger said...

All the pundits and pressitutes of the McMega-Media are working over time to derail the Trumpet Express. Over and over again the pressitutes ask him about the the KKK, David Duke and his Tax Returns. Trouble is the options are not good. Cruz seems universally disliked, and Rubio has the look and demeanor of someone who need training wheels on his bike.

Please note the kid gloves treatment of $hillary, when she refuses to release transcripts of her speaking Engagements. The pressitutes nod their collective heads and shuffle off with duct tape around their mouths. The expectation is for $hillary to lie and flip-flop on the E-Mails, but the pressitutes say nothing.

Anonymous said...

Alright, Flogger, we get it: "$hillary."