Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Dies From Cancer

The world's most entertaining, if scandal-plagued mayor, Toronto's Rob Ford, succumbed to cancer. Ford's diagnosis with a rare form of cancer caused him to abandon his controversial bid to seek re-election in 2014 after efforts to force him to resign from office were unsuccessful. Many funny things have been said of Ford. My personal favorite was the comparison made between Ford and former actor/comedian Chris Farley. Some conspiracy theorists actually claimed Farley faked his death in 1997 and re-emerged as Rob Ford, who won his first bid for elective office as a Toronto council member that same year.


Anonymous said...

Rob Ford was a self indulgent narcissist jerk, emblematic of everything that's wrong with modern society. Mr. Ford once said (It's onYoutube) that bicyclists deserved to be run over if they rode on the street. He said streets were for buses, trucks and cars (in that order). Canadian law says otherwise. Ontario law says otherwise. Toronto law says otherwise, but it's not about the law with the Rob Ford's of the world. It's not about what anybody else wants or needs. It's just about him, all the time. He had a vociferous appetite for heroin, and apparently donuts, too. The guy was a pig of a human being. I feel sorry for those who loved him. It's never easy to lose someone close to you. Mostly though, I feel sorry for those whose deaths he may have indirectly contributed to by encouraging the most ignorant among us (and I see you every time I ride right here in Indianapolis) to mess with cyclists and pedestrians...to show us you're bigger and badder than us...to scare us good so that we get off of "your roads." Consider this, those of you who feel the same as Mr. Ford, when your wife and kids go out without you, some other jerk is likely messing with them, just like you and Rob Ford are messing with me and people like me. There's a right way to live. Too bad Rob Ford never figured that out.

Anonymous said...

If it comes down to me hitting a 200 pound cyclist or a 2,000 (or 20,000 pound) vehicle head on which do you think l will choose to collide with? Get out of the f#@&ing road and find a safe place to ride. It's about physics.... crybaby. No law will help you when they're scraping you up with a shovel.

Eric Morris said...

I wish we had more like him. Entertaining and correct: