Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Sorry, But Jefferson Shreve Is No Conservative

It's a stretch to call Jefferson Shreve a Republican, but to call himself a conservative is nothing short of an outright lie. People who live in the State Senate District 36, which includes portions of southern Marion County and northern Johnson County, need to understand that he's passing himself off as something he's not.

The fact is that Jefferson Shreve was a long-time liberal Democratic voter and campaign donor to Democratic candidates for the many years he resided in Bloomington. He only claimed a residence in Perry Township a few short years ago to accept appointment to a City-County Council seat formerly represented by Jeff Cardwell. He paid off our corrupt Marion Co. Republican Party with a bunch of campaign contributions to rig the caucus election to replace Cardwell over a long-time, legitimate Republican Party officeholder.

As a member of the City-County Council, Shreve never met a tax increase or new business regulation he didn't support. He never consulted his constituents on any issues. He voted however he was told to vote by the party bosses. His liberal, tax-and-spend voting record on the council speaks for itself. Redistricting threw Shreve into a district with fellow Republican Jeff Miller. Shreve declined to run against Miller in the primary. The only election contest in which his name appeared on the ballot was a race for state GOP convention delegate two years ago where he got trounced.

Establishment Republicans are trying to foist Shreve on the District 36 Republican voters because he's dumped so much money into the party's campaign coffers to buy their support and like him, they are actually Democrats masquerading as Republicans. No legitimate Republican would ever support this fraud.

If you live in District 36 and want a Republican to represent you in the Indiana Senate, your only alternative is City-County Councilor Jack Sandlin, whose Republican Party bona fides are well-defined from years of public service. Sandlin isn't as conservative as the district's current senator, Brent Waltz, but he's also not trying to pass himself off as something he's not. Please don't be fooled by Shreve's phony campaign message. If you want to elect a Democrat, the Democrats have offered a legitimate liberal Democrat in Jesse Kharbanda as their candidate. Go vote for him.


Anonymous said...

As you said Gary the Marion County Democrats and Republicans are the same party! Was the Indiana GOP more tolerant of dissenters 20 years ago than it is now? Cause in today's Indiana GOP unless you fawn endlessly over Daniels and Mike Pence and denounce Charlie White, Gary Welsh, and Paul Ogden they will destroy you!

Anonymous said...

Jack ought to be taking out some ads on this site?

Anonymous said...

Everything you pen in the blog article is one hundred percent true. With puppet Lady Clairol leading this pack of pretenders, it might well serve south side Republicans to vote Democrat.

However....I did that once casting a vote for Gary's City County Councilor, even tossed a few dollars his way... and boy was that vote and were those dollars an utter waste of time. I learned D or R, they are all charlatans and most every one of them lies. Like Shreve, they are all self-interested grandstanders not worth a plug nickel.

Anonymous said...

Pings client will spend a boat load of money on TV and Ping will be out pimping him..along with Tommy John and the brilliant Mikey McQuillen.If Jack wins, Mikey M better hold on to his ass the way he has treated Sandlin.Mikey M does have Ballard to wipe his ass any longer. The interesting thing here is that Pings client is now the establishment candidate with Hammond running that show.Right now I think that Jack has the seat if he can raise enough money to over come Pings clients lies on the TV spot..Pings client?..there is nothing conservative about him...and the $3,100 he gave to the Democrat/Sanders Socialist Mayor of Blooming....and he voted for the Socialist Mayor of Bloomington also. I hear there is more to come on Pings client......like how he really made his money.

Anonymous said...

That Sandlin guy needs to run a commercial about Shreve giving money to Democrats. Also, isn't there a term for a guy who moves into a district to get elected and or buy a seat? Daddy hands him millions and all of a sudden he is a businessman and politician?

Anonymous said...

Its only a matter of time before Ping attacks Jack Sandlin for being a Christian Conservative...after all she's the one who uninvited Mike Pence to the Marion County Republican Dinner. The Marion County party is broke and Ping needs Shreve's money to survive. The sad thing is that Shreve isn't political smart enough to see that he's being used,just like Ping and Walker used Brewer. Brewer now knows what a joke it was and he was nothing more than a paycheck for Walker and Ping......Its kind of sad really.

Anonymous said...

"Also, isn't there a term for a guy who moves into a district to get elected and or buy a seat?"