Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hillary Apologizes For Praising Reagan: Apologizes To Hateful Liberal Activists Who Blame Reagan For AIDS

The place to be seen yesterday for attention-seekers was the funeral services of former First Lady Nancy Reagan. at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Along with a cackle of has-been actors/celebrities like Tom Selleck, Mr. T, Larry King, who is literally a walking corpse, Wayne Newton, Bo Derek, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who showed up with his estranged wife, Maria Shriver  and John Stamos, Former President George W. Bush and Laura were there, as were several other First Family members like Rosalyn Carter, Caroline Kennedy, the two Johnson daughters, Patricia Nixon Cox and Steve Ford. Michelle Obama came without Barry, who was hanging with is bros at South by Southwest in Austin yesterday.

Also in attendance was a notorious Reagan hater, Hillary Clinton, who shamelessly conducted a live press conference at the funeral to promote her presidential candidacy. Playing the role of hypocrite in chief, Hillary got carried away praising Nancy, a person she totally detested. When hateful liberals who incredibly continue to blame the outbreak of HIV/AIDS on the Reagans lashed out at Clinton for saying nice things she didn't really believe about a political couple she hated, she quickly apologized on Twitter.

Here's a sad truth about the Clinton's record on HIV/AIDS the media will never tell you about. Gov. Bill Clinton entered into an unseemly contract under which a health care company with close political ties to the Clintons sold blood drawn from Arkansas prison inmates as a profit-making sideline for the Arkansas corrections industry and the private company, including blood drawn from inmates which were known to be infected with HIV and hepatitis . Thousands of people in Canada and other countries who received blood transfusions from the tainted blood contracted the deadly virus and Hepatitis that eventually claimed thousands of lives. The Clintons in subsequent years went to great lengths to cover up their role in the sordid affair, and an ever-complicit news media was more than happy to aid and abet them in that endeavor. Vince Foster, the White House attorney found shot to death in Fort Marcy Park under questionable circumstances blamed on a suicide, had defended the business behind the tainted blood in civil lawsuits while working with Hillary at the Rose Law Firm.

Clinton was forced into making an apology (above) hours later about the mistake she made about the Reagans

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter (left) and former first lady Hillary Clinton wait in line to pay their respects during Reagan's funeral
Hillary Clinton with Rosalyn Carter at Nancy Reagan funeral (Reuters Photo)

Arkansas documentary producer Kelly Duda produced a documentary, "Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal," the Clinton scandal the media won't talk about.

Reagan did nothing for HIV/AIDS, except for the $5.8 billion his budgets included for research and treatment of HIV/AIDS, which was not discovered until half way through his first term in office.
Government Spending on HIV/AIDS
Fiscal Year
$ Millions
% growth over
previous year

Source: Congressional Research Service


Anonymous said...

Gary, you are absolutely correct in everything that you author in this piece about the pathological liar and hypocrite-extraordinaire we call Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Why my LGBT community idolizes this unaccomplished closet marxist is something I will never understand. Bill and Hillary Clinton are parasites on the American people, pure and simple.

My LGBT community continually calls for tolerance and love but withholds both from anyone deviating from their ideology. The most intolerant and hateful remarks posted on Facebook by my LGBT friends here and others around the country were beyond the pale. Caitlyn Jenner is detested because she calls herself a Republican or describes herself as a conservative.

Neither Hillary nor Bill have ever been real friends to any LGBT community but my brothers and sisters will never see or admit the truth you write.

Anonymous said...

I just can't understand how any woman with self dignity would vote for Hillary, considering how Hillary mercilessly attacked women who made an outcry regarding her husband Bill's sexual assaults against them.

And then we have Benghazi.... shameless.

Anonymous said...

I was in San Francisco throughout the eighties and as people were dying everywhere the Reagans refused to say a word about aids. Reagan literally never said the word in public until 1985, after more than 40,000 people were dead in the United States. Aids activists do blame the Reagans for these deaths. When funds were designated for drugs and treatments the situation began to stabilize. But it was chilling to hear Hillary Clinton give credit to a Reagan for starting a conversation about aids. Simply chilling.

Anonymous said...

Reagan's narrow-minded view of the AIDS epidemic, and the prevailing view of conservatives at the time, was that the disease affecting the gay community and drug users was a legal question of people breaking the law. While the health community and federal agencies clamored for resources to curtail the spread of HIV, President Reagan remained silent for a solid six years as evangelists, and some politicians, proclaimed the morality of God's wrath. That is an unalterable legacy of the ideologue, Ronald Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it was all the Reagan's fault. Not perverts taking it up the a** (a violation of nature's laws and God's laws) or drug addicts using dirty needles. "Your sins shall find you out." Doesn't get any clearer than that.
And don't start any Ryan White crap either. He was the exception....not the rule, when it came to contracting the disease.

Anonymous said...

As to the odd opinions of self identified gay 10:07, for every gay person who supports the Republican platform there are literally ten thousand who support the Democrat. Perhaps you've forgotten that it used to be illegal to have gay sex. I am old enough to remember when people were routinely jailed. Only the persistence of gay, Democrat aligned activists succeeded in rolling back those terrible sodomy statutes, no thanks to Republicans. There are many Republicans today who clamor for their return, for biblical punishment for sodomites, and who proclaim end of days because of newly won freedoms for gays. Gays have only broken free of their shackles recently. As recently as the seventies police routinely raided gay bars and arrested the patrons. Why one out of ten thousand thousand gays believes it appropriate to belittle Democrat beholden gays who side politically with their liberators befuddles me. Of course we are Democrats.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon. 1:26, You seem to forget that Bill Clinton signed into law "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the Defense of Marriage Act, the only two federal acts signed into law by a U.S. president explicitly allowing for the discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. But, yeah, we're now supposed to believe the Clintons were the great liberators of gays.

Anonymous said...

I think Ronald Reagan's conversion on the matter came when Rock Hudson contracted the disease and died from it.Hollywood was a small place in those days and Rock had been a friend. In addition, the "media" was complicit, as they usually are with social pathologies, and instead of keeping with Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID)(Itself a euphemism for Sodomy) they insisted that the disease be called something different and treated differently than any other communicable disease. This cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Spread then as now by sodomy, mostly. Spread by males, mostly. Spread by promiscuous males, again, mostly. Needles, bisexuals, but at root always will be an infected homosexual male. What is so hard to admit about that? Why continue the media lying?
Fairly early on in the process William F. Buckley suggested a skull and bones tattoo on the rumps of those known to be spreading or capable of spreading the disease. Nope, couldn't have that either, more hundreds of thousands of deaths which could have be averted with the common sense God gave a Goose (so to speak). The media did a huge coverup for their political correctness and subversive goals. As for the disease itself, much was unknown. Elizabeth Dole, for instance, swore that the blood supply was safe. It wasn't at all. There are still myths concerning how the disease can be and cannot be spread with even CDC becoming an accomplice to misinformation and lying by omission.

Anonymous said... It now being 2016 or so one has to wonder why the "old guys" statistics and why those particular to INDIANA are not in the public eye. Duh Star can shed horseturd size tears over HIV in Southern Indiana being spread by "tainted needles" without saying that one of those needle sharing persons was likely a homosexual male with promiscuous behaviors. His idea of community was to share his disease. The book, And the Band Played On, suggests this behavior is part of the disorder....but read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I think the author, Randy Shilts, was trying to do a good and honest job even if he later died of the dread disease.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If the CDC and Merck had chosen to use American soldiers as human guinea pigs on their tainted Hepatitis B vaccine instead of gays in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver and San Francisco, it would have been them contracting and dying of AIDS instead of gays. That's another one of our government's dirty little secrets they won't tell the public. Vaccination programs have been used for decades to conduct Nazi-like experiments on the world's population. After WWII, the U.S. imported the mad Nazi scientists who worked for Farben and placed them at American pharmaceutical companies, the CDC and military labs to continue their sick bio warfare games. Did you forget about the Tuskegee experiments where thousands of poor black men were deliberately infected with syphilis when they thought they were getting helpful medical care so sick scientists could study the disease's progression?

Anonymous said...

I actually knew Randy Shilts and he was a fine man and an honest journalist who had the respect of everyone at the SF Chronicle, and he would choke if he could hear what Hillary Clinton said about Reagan. And as for don't ask don't tell, this was the only way Bill Clinton could figure out how to stop the relentless practice of dishonorable discharges which was just a horrible injustice to soldiers and sailors serving honorably. It was an ugly compromise. But it stopped most of the dishonorable discharges, and gays could enter the service with some hope of staying in if they could keep their sexual status quiet. Clinton regretted signing it, but he just didn't know what else to do, and it worked for a while. He wasn't the gay world's greatest champion, but he tried to help, which was more than most. They used to drum us out of Federal civilian service too, and some were even lobotomized. Thanks, Republicans.

Anonymous said...

The book And the Band Played On should be required reading for high school students.

Interestingly, Randy Shilts, the book's author, refused to be tested for HIV until after he completed the writing of the book.

Anonymous said...

This is what Nancy Reagan actually had to say, and it remained her attitude for years and years, as tens of thousands of Americans died, and the gay community launched the largest most successful public health mobilization in history. A time when Princess Diana was visiting Aids patients and holding Aids babies and telling the public there was nothing to be afraid of, when Elton John and Michael Jackson were befriending Ryan White and trying to decrease the stigma, this is all we got from the Reagans:

"It is appalling to see parades in San Francisco and elsewhere proclaiming ‘gay pride‘ and all that. What in the world do they have to be proud of?”

— The late Nancy Reagan, in an interview with The Boston Globe in 1981