Friday, March 18, 2016

IPS Board Awaiting Disciplinary Recommendations From Dr. Ferebee For Failure To Report

IPS' high-paid top administrator, Dr. Lewis Ferebee, knew the very day an official at Longfellow Alternative Schools learned from a parent that a student counselor, Shana Taylor, was having sex with students. Yet Dr. Ferebee took no actions to ensure IPS reported the suspected child abuse either to the Department of Child Services or even the police department the school system operates. Instead, an assistant principal took that action six days later after realizing nobody had bothered to make the report state law requires be made immediately upon discovery.

Dr. Ferebee, whom the IPS board just awarded a massive pay raise, takes no responsibility for the failure. Instead, he blames at least five other school administrators, including the school's principal, who was out on medical leave at the time recovering from a stroke. Mark Cosand says he resigned as principal effective March 7 for "personal reasons," although it was clear Dr. Ferebee blamed him for the reporting failure. Cosand had been contacted by the school's assistant principal and made aware of the allegations made by a parent against Taylor the day it was first reported but assumed either the assistance principal, Dr. Ferebee or other persons at IPS' administrative office made aware of the allegations would ensure the proper reporting took place.

According to Dr. Ferebee, he had no responsibility to report to DCS because he didn't have the "relevant facts." "I did not have age, name, text messages, photos, anything that was associated with this claim," he told The Star. "So I just want to be clear about that. If I had that type of information, obviously I would have an obligation there. But I did not have that information." "It is not in my purview to confirm every CPS reporting or to confirm every allegation or report," he said. The fact he didn't ask those questions when made aware of the allegations speaks volumes about his imcompetence. He must have had more important things to do at the time like shopping for new clothes or being wined and dined by developers seeking the opportunity to purchase and redevelop the Coca-Cola property.

The Indianapolis Star and the rest of the news media in Indianapolis have given a complete pass to Dr. Ferebee despite the fact he is the school's superintendent. The board members who hired Dr. Ferebee to dismantle the school system have also directed no blame at Dr. Ferebee. They're actually allowing Dr. Ferebee to decide who gets disciplined despite his own culpability. "Board president Mary Ann Sullivan said the board is waiting for recommendations from Ferebee," The Star reported. "When asked whether the board would pursue disciplinary action against Ferebee, Sullivan said she could not comment on a personnel matter." "He’s doing a good job," said board member Kelly Bentley when his pay raise was approved. "He’s doing what we’ve asked him to do."


leon dixon said...

What were the Board Members told and when and what did they then do?

Anonymous said...

Not only MUST Dr. Lewis "Ferebee, whom the IPS board just awarded a massive pay raise." be FIRED, the IPS School Board should be REPLACED.

If Ferebee is not fired then the argument about the safety of our children being the highest level priority is a LIE and we will see the current IPS School Board, like the useless Indianapolis City County Council, is unwilling and impotent to serve the best interests of parents and their children.

Anonymous said...

You do understand that Terry Curry will not touch this issue at all, even if children were raped and abused,he wont get near it. It will slow go away an fall into the abyss of Wagner smoke and mirrors. Curry will not prosecute those who abuse children,just so the IPS board looks good..shame on IPS. In the mean time,the children suffer. The IPS board is all about getting elected,not the children.How any IPD board member can stand for Child Abuse is beyond comprehension. But understandable considering the players..Its all about the $$$

Anonymous said...

So, you are saying that not only does Curry lack balls but that he is also dick less? Where is duh Mayor, jogging Joe? Is he also dick less and without balls? No adults left in Marion County?

Anonymous said...

Between the obsession with RFRA, Jarrod, Park Tudor and this, it appears that nobody in central Indiana is in a healthy sexual relationship. I know this stuff goes on everywhere, but my goodness, this region has taken sexual deviancy to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that Mary Ann Sullivan's husband, Brian, is a partner in Sheil Sexton Construction. They are involved as partners with two out of the six bids on the Coca Cola facility that are being reviewed by Ferebee now. Don't you think she has a vested interest in keeping him in place long enough to pick her husbands team? Are there no conflicts of interest anymore?