Friday, April 10, 2015

Vice President Of LaPorte County Council Arrested For Dealing Pot

Indiana  is really shining these days. The vice president of the LaPorte County Council, Matt Bernacchi (D), was arrested on preliminary charges of dealing marijuana from his car in Valparaiso. According to a local TV news report, Bernacchi arranged to make the drug deal with an undercover police officer on Facebook. ABC 57 reports that Bernacchi ranted on Facebook last year that the police were harassing him when he was ticketed for driving 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. LaPorte County Democratic Chairman John Jones has called on Bernacchi to resign according to the South Bend Tribune. The Tribune reports Bernacchi was also arrested for drunk driving in 2010 but only sentenced for reckless driving under a plea agreement.


Anonymous said...

"Corruption is as Corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine

Democrats keep getting prosecuted in The Northern District of Indiana...why is The Southern District of Indiana lacking????

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me at all.

Illicit drug use is everywhere. Politicians,cops,CEO's,owners of billion dollar sports franchises and even amongst staff within the offices of prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

And I thought Shaw Friedman was the County Demo
chair who ran everything.