Thursday, April 02, 2015

RedState's Erick Erickson Goes On The Attack Against Angie's List Over RFRA Opposition

Apparently Angie's List has a membership Bill of Rights that allows you to get back 110% of your paid membership fees if you are dissatisfied with their service. RedState's Erick Erikson is urging blog readers to cancel their membership with Angie's List and demand 110% of their money back after the company's CEO, Bill Oesterle, denounced Indiana lawmakers and Gov. Mike Pence for enacting a RFRA law like the federal government and 19 other states had already done.
Since Angie’s List does not want your business, you should cancel your membership like I did. After I cancelled, I found out that Angie’s List has a membership Bill of Rights. You can get back 110% of what you paid if you are dissatisfied with your membership.
Considering Angie’s List’s CEO does not want Christians’ business and has contempt for people of faith, I’d suggest you might be dissatisfied with your membership.
To cancel your membership, call 1-888-944-5478.
Angie's List's stock price has fallen about 10% since Oesterle made his announcement last weekend, although I'm not sure that has more to do with the entry of into the consumer rating business and the increased competition it is expected to pose for Angie's List. For some reason, Yahoo Finance continues to suppress news about the latest class action lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania against the company, showing us shades of what the lawsuit accuses the company of doing to negative reviews of service providers which pay hefty advertising fees to rank high on its list of approved service providers.

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