Friday, April 03, 2015

The Political Ad Against Rahm Emanuel ABC Barred From Airing In Chicago

ABC's corporate office is refusing to allow this political ad attacking the manner in which Rahm Emanuel and his family members have gotten rich to air in Chicago. ABC doesn't think the people can handle the truth. ABC7 in Chicago is the city's highest-rated local TV station.


Anonymous said...

Some locally might say we could insert the names David Brooks or Bob Grand and the video would remain an accurate portrayal of the greed and insider looting of the Marion County taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

ABC is abusing discretion in favor of supporting it's political candidate du jure, which should not be permitted by a broadcaster licensed in the USA.

Josh said...

I wonder if mossad will ever get this guy elected potus? Imagine a wholly owned mossad agent running the USA, not just via the federal reserve as they do since 1913, but from the white house without being a cutout like Axlerod or any of the other mossad advisors that have controlled goy presidents.