Monday, April 27, 2015

Push Poll Being Conducted For Justice Center

An observant Advance Indiana reader says she received a telephone call she described as a push poll in support of Mayor Greg Ballard's ill-fated, $1.75 billion criminal justice center that he wants built using a public-private partnership agreement. A City-County Council committee voted down the proposal earlier this month, but Republican council members supporting the plan on behalf of Ballard intend to push for a vote at the council's May 11 meeting to bring the proposal before the full council for a vote. According to the reader, the caller claimed the proposed justice center would save at least $5 million a year which would be used to hire additional police officers. According to the reader, all of the caller's questions were written to elicit favorable responses regarding the proposed justice center.


Anonymous said...

Wow! There must be so much crony insider money heading for connected attorneys' pockets, connected contractors' pockets, and possibly some of our
politicians' pockets [Ballard included?!?] that our GOP crooks will do anything to get this scam slammed through. Now I know why I received a GOP email asking for volunteers for the phone banks.

I guess the MCRCC learned a lot from national Democrats when they rammed Obamacare down the gullets of an American majority who did not want it.

Anonymous said...

Has is this any different than the methods used to justify the Wishard renovation? First you ask a one sided question, e.g. does Indianapolis need a first class trauma center, then you claim how much money you'll save and then you have the local media publish all of your pr puff pieces.

Anonymous said...

Why bother - is the poll data going to be used to by a councilor or two to justify changing their vote in support this turd? Why else would they bother, unless there is a media blitz planned to stir up public sentiment ahead of the council vote?