Monday, April 27, 2015

Eight Candidates Apply For Court Of Appeals Opening

The Judicial Nominating Commission released the names of eight (8) candidates who applied to fill the vacancy on the Court of Appeals to be created by the retirement of Judge Ezra Friedlander. Surprisingly, all but one of the candidates is from Indianapolis. The Commission will narrow the list to three candidates after interviewing all of the candidates, which it will forward to Gov. Mike Pence, who will have 60 days after receiving the list to announce his choice. The Commission has not yet announced a schedule for interviewing the candidates. The list of candidates includes the following:
  • Judge Robert R. Altice, Jr., Marion Superior Court
  • Bryan L. Ciyou, Indianapolis, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.
  • Stephen R. Creason, Indianapolis, Office of Attorney General
  • Judge Christopher M. Goff, Wabash Superior Court
  • Patricia C. McMath, Indianapolis, Marion Co. Public Defender Agency
  • Judge Gary L. Miller, Marion Superior Court
  • David L. Pippen, Indianapolis, Bose McKinney & Evans
  • Joel M. Schumm, Indianapolis, Robert H. McKinney School of Law


Sir Hailstone said...

For those of us on the outside, what's the current "hometowns" of the sitting Court of Appeals judges?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Actually, I think only two of the current members would consider Indianapolis their home town--Bradford and Kirsch.

Anonymous said...

I don't think hometown should be relevant; the skills, ability, temperament, and Hoosier Values are more important.

The current COA seems to have swayed across the line of Hoosier Values.

Anonymous said...

Gary Miller is the best choice!

Martin D said...

Court of Appeals judges are appointed from geographic districts created by the General Assembly. The pending vacancy is a 2nd District vacancy, which means the new judge must be appointed from one of 19 counties in that district. For details about court districts, please consult the COA website.
Martin DeAgostino
Communications Director
Court of Appeals of Indiana

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Martin.