Friday, April 24, 2015

Malik Obama: Deceived By Barack Obama, Feels Betrayed

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert whose documentary, "Dreams From My Real Father," posits that Frank Marshall Davis and not Barack Obama, Sr. is the true biological father of President Barack Obama, has a shocking interview with Obama's half brother from Kenya, Malik Obama. The elder brother who stood up with President Obama as his best man at his wedding now accuses him of deceiving him and other members of the Kenyan Obama family in an exclusive interview with Gilbert. Malik admitted after reading Gilbert's book that he has his own doubts about whether Barack is truly his father's son. He would be willing to take a DNA test to determine whether Obama is his real half-brother.

In the interview, Malik accuses President Obama of turning his back on his Kenyan family, even refusing to help out the family with his Aunt Zeituni' Onyango's burial experiences when she passed away a year ago. Obama has also refused to support a foundation established in his father's name. It's a "betrayal, big humiliation and embarrassment" Malik said of Obama's treatment of his family, which he believes he only used for purposes of selling his "unique" background to the American people. Malik claims he helped Obama edit his book, "Dreams from My Father," which Malik claims was originally titled, "Where my father lies buried," later changed to "Claims of Inheritance," before later changing to the ultimate title that formed the carefully-crafted biographical narrative Obama shaped in preparation for his meteoric political rise.

Those who have followed this blog over the years know how I truly believe that Obama's entire biographical narrative was fabricated out of whole cloth. All of his close, early handlers had close associations with the CIA. Indeed, his first employer after supposedly graduating from Columbia University was a CIA front company. Someday, the American people will come to realize that his presidency was the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, even topping the 9/11 false flag attack and the government cover up of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by evil elements of our own government.


Anonymous said...

This video was a vast Right winged
conspiracy derived at making Barry, I mean Barack Obama look bad in the public light,similar to the birth certificate falsification, his Columbia University Political Science program where no one knew him or ever saw him. No one has questioned him, on how he was able to go to the best private schools when he was young, his grand parents didn't have money. No one has seen his college transcripts, nor will they see them. Interviews of other kids he grew up with in Hawaii state Barack was a liar, cheat and a con. Other questions about Barack, how did he go to Pakistan in 1984 when Americans couldn't travel there, how did this kid get to see the Prime Minister? In Illinois the former Governor Blagojevich went to prison for influence peddleing, Former prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and Federal Judge James B. Zagel would not hear taped recording of Obama talking to Blagojevich,on selling Obama's Senate seat. His relationship with the Muslim world. In the fall of 2014 at a dinner party with the Saudi's the Crown Prince and the family told Obama and his family to leave the dinner, abruptly got up and walked out. Barcak is a sunni Muslim,how is that working out for the shiites? I could go on and on about this guy, his history is scary at best. I'm just a guy who spends about 30 minutes a day, reading news stories, If I know this much about Obama what are the power brokers doing in Washington about it. The Republican leaders have their head in the sand in regards about this guy, anything Obama wants, WHY? where's our leaders, our Country is going down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, Gary, Barak Obama is a complete fake. His name was initially pronounced with the British accented ["BARE' ick"] but he later changed he pronunciation to a harder urban pronunciation ]"buh ROCK'].

Obama's bio is pure fiction. From radical Bill Ayers' written "Dreams From My Father", to the fake birth certificate, to what appears to be a phony marriage to the hateful Michele, to the lies about EVERYTHING.... but hey, what about that George Bush?!?!

Left liberal automatons and the liberal Democrat national media machine willingly suspend belief when it comes to anything negative about Barak Obama because admitting the lies would devastate the religious cult that is left liberal Democrat ideology.

But hey, what about that George Bush and that Dick Cheney?!?

We lost our Constitutional Republic long, long ago where America is now a soft police state ruled by a Democrat and establishment Republican political class against the will of the majority of the people.

Josh said...