Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Chicago Election Results Show Emanuel Winner In Mayor's Race

The computer-tabulated election results in Cook County show Rahm Emanuel has been re-elected to a second term as Chicago's mayor over Cook Co. Commissioner Chuy Garcia. Emanuel received just under 56% of the vote to Garcia's 44% share of the vote. Emanuel, whose poll numbers have consistently showed his approval rating well below 50%, managed to get only 45% of the vote in the February primary election, forcing him into a run-off election with Garcia, who captured 34% of the vote in the crowded primary election. I'm sure Chicagoans really wanted four more years of Emanuel and nothing nefarious occurred in the tabulation of votes.


Anonymous said...

This is a sad portent for Indianapolis and what may occur in our upcoming Primary... we are going to have more of the same corruption and lies. I will bristle under a Chuck Brewer mayorship but will also be sickened under a phony like Joe Hogsett as mayor.

Unless we do far more than complain electronically and take action in the political process (yes, I know it's still controlled by the hateful David Brooks, Bob Grand, and the liberal Democrat "bigwig" attorney firms/firm owners) we will always be under the thumbs of these scum who believe they are worthy to "rule" us.

How long will those of us who remain in Marion County and who are producers allow these rats of both parties to financially eat away our ship?

Anonymous said...

They voted early and often in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hey it worked for the Nixon and Kennedy election.