Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Daniels Makes Clear He's Not Running For Governor Again

I never bought into the argument that Mitch Daniels would leave his job as Purdue president to run for governor again, and he seems to make that point clear when asked about Bill Oesterle's comments urging him to oppose Pence for the Republican nomination next year in an interview with the Journal & Courier's Dave Bangert:
"No, I'm not. Nope, nope, nope, nope," Daniels said. "Got my head down on my business. Nothing more to say." 
How about U.S. Senate in 2016? That's going to be open with Sen. Dan Coats retiring. 
"You guys either never pay attention or listen," Daniels said. "I've said this for years: Governor was the only job I was ever running for. I wasn't on the make for anything else. Not for the Senate, president and all the rest of that. Sooner or later, you'll figure that out that when I say these things, I mean them." 
Thing is, sounds like he needs to tell that to Bill Oesterle, too. 
 Daniels laughed. 
"He thinks because he talked me into it once, he can talk me into it twice, maybe," Daniels said. "But he should be smarter than that."
So Oesterle can now tell his fan club he only made a decision to enter the governor's race after twisting Daniels' arm failed.


Anonymous said...

Men drink coffee from McDonald's, White Castle or the office coffee pot.

Men don't go into "roasteries" in the city's most liberal neighborhoods and buy coffee. Men drive by such places for years and never notice them.

This metrosexual is going to have a hard time campaigning outside of Downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple and Kirkwood Avenue. He's in the wrong party for that.

Where do you suppose Ol' Bill comes down on permitless carry, otherwise known as "constitutional carry?" Think Bill wants his tolerant roasteries exposed to guns?

Anonymous said...

How can Daniels run for Governor again ? He already served 2 terms.

Anonymous said...

"... Bill Oesterle's comments urging him (Daniels) to oppose Pence for the Republican nomination"

That would give Hoosiers a choice between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Not exactly what Indiana needs right now.